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Kerry: Assad must accept peace conference terms

01/17/2014 8:56am
Secretary of State John Kerry is warning that Syria's government must accept the goal of an upcoming peace conference in achieving a political transition there.

HHS No. 2 doesn't recall elevating security worry

01/17/2014 10:57am
An Obama administration official says the second-in-command at the federal Health and Human Services department doesn't recall reporting concerns about the troubled health insurance website to higher-ups.

Shutting down unsafe bus companies to get easier

01/17/2014 2:17pm
Intercity bus and truck companies with a continuing history of safety problems will be easier to shut down under regulations published online Friday by the Federal Motor Carrier Administration, an agency under fire for its oversight of the industries.

Kerry: No rush to decide on Keystone XL pipeline

01/17/2014 2:55pm
Brushing aside pressure from Canada, Secretary of State John Kerry said Friday that the United States will not be pushed into making a decision on the long-delayed Keystone XL pipeline.

NTSB: Pilots confused by wrong airport's lights

01/17/2014 5:01pm
Southwest Airlines pilots who recently landed at the wrong airport in Missouri have told investigators they were confused by the small airport's runway lights, believing it to be a larger airport in nearby Branson, the National Transportation Safety Board said Friday.