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European, US media face new tests with NSA spying

11/16/2013 3:13am
The spying revelations by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden have made it a high-pressure, high-stakes time to be a top media executive.

Cyprus in mourning for dead ex-president

11/16/2013 5:21am
Cyprus' government has declared a three-day mourning period for late former President Glafcos Clerides.

France's Pleyel piano maker plays final note

11/16/2013 6:03am
Gone are its glory days, when Chopin composed concertos on its pianos. France's Pleyel piano maker is shutting its doors, unable to keep up with cheaper and more agile competition.

Old trolleybuses prowl Moscow

11/16/2013 6:15am
Pieces of the Soviet past were crawling down some of Moscow's main streets as the city transportation system marked the 80th anniversary of the trolleybus system with a procession of vintage vehicles.

Bulgaria: pro- and anti-government rallies

11/16/2013 8:24am
Tens of thousands of supporters of the main political parties are gathering in Bulgaria's two biggest cities at pro- and anti-government rallies, which reflect the deep division that has paralyzed the Balkan nation for months.

Over 2K trucks block French highways in protest

11/16/2013 10:49am
Between 2,000 and 4,000 freight trucks closed off major French highways and slowed traffic to a crawl on nine roadways to protest a proposed environmental tax on heavy loads.

Activists march in Warsaw against climate change

11/16/2013 10:58am
Hundreds of climate activists braved cold winds Sunday to march through Warsaw to campaign against global warming.

Thousands march in Naples over toxic waste dumps

11/16/2013 1:24pm
Thousands of families have marched in Naples to demand a quick cleanup of toxic waste that has been dumped by the local Camorra crime syndicate for decades.

German far right draws 1,500 to anti-refugee demo

11/16/2013 3:15pm
A protest organized by Germany's biggest far-right party has drawn hundreds to a torch-lit march against refugees for the second time this month.