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Heater blamed for fire in ancient Chinese town

01/18/2014 12:36am
Chinese authorities have detained a guesthouse operator whose unattended heater allegedly sparked a fire that burned for nearly 10 hours and destroyed an ancient Tibetan town in southern China, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

18 dead in stampede after India Muslim leader dies

01/18/2014 1:20am
A pre-dawn stampede killed 18 people Saturday as tens of thousands of people gathered to mourn the death of a Muslim spiritual leader in India's financial capital, police said.

Bangladesh reporters held for 'fabricating' story

01/18/2014 2:16am
A court in Bangladesh has ordered three journalists of a pro-opposition newspaper held in detention on charges of publishing a false story that alleged Indian security forces had joined Bangladeshi troops in a crackdown before the recent controversial elections.

Turkmenistan to make people pay for gas

01/18/2014 7:15am
The president of Turkmenistan says his government will begin installing gas meters in households, ending the unlimited supply of free gas to citizens in this energy-rich Central Asian nation.

Thai prime minister struggles to stay in power

01/18/2014 8:30am
From inside her "war room" in a temporary office at the Defense Ministry, Thailand's beleaguered Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is watching television feeds of flag-waving protesters trying to bring down her government.