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Steel guitar makes Hawaii think twice on ukulele

04/26/2014 4:50am
Sorry, ukulele. Hawaii won't spurn the steel guitar to sound its love for you.

Fans celebrate Coen Bros.' film at Lebowski Fest

04/26/2014 8:42am
There were bowling pins, bathrobes, white Russians, and even The Dude himself.

Dutch party down at 'King's Day' for new monarch

04/26/2014 10:01am
The Dutch donned orange-colored outfits and celebrated their first ever "King's Day" on Saturday — a national holiday held in honor of the Netherlands' newly installed monarch, King Willem Alexander.

Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows

04/26/2014 1:40pm
Guest lineups for the Sunday TV news shows:

No sale for signed Beatles item at NYC auction

04/26/2014 7:00pm
A large piece of stage backdrop signed by the Beatles during their first live U.S. concert 50 years ago has failed to sell at a New York City auction.

'Begin Again' film of firsts for Levine, Knightley

04/26/2014 8:01pm
For Keira Knightley and Adam Levine, their movie "Begin Again" was an experience of firsts.

Willie Nelson inducted in Austin City Limits Hall

04/26/2014 11:20pm
In this town, Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey takes a backseat to Willie Nelson.