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Animal abuse, theft remains widespread in Jordan

12/19/2013 12:13am
In the mountains of southwestern Jordan, where tradition says Moses saw the Promised Land, dozens of sick dogs lay chained and starving at an isolated olive plantation.

AP PHOTOS: Greek olive oil industry faces crisis

12/19/2013 12:56am
It was used to groom ancient Olympic athletes and remains a widely used modern staple in Greece's diet. But olive oil could be the latest victim of the country's grueling financial crisis.

Microfilms in China mean anyone can be a director

12/19/2013 1:24am
People in China watch them in the subway, on buses, even as they walk down a sidewalk: homegrown short films that are low-budget, intensely popular and accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

Seneca Falls, NY, claims link to 'Wonderful Life'

12/19/2013 4:20am
Is this where George Bailey lived his wonderful life?

Chinese cartoon producer blamed after kids burned

12/19/2013 6:48am
A Chinese court has ruled that the producer of a hit kids' cartoon was partly to blame for the injuries suffered by two children when their friend tied them to a tree and set them on fire in an imitation of a scene from the show, state media reported.

Luke Spring _ the tap dancing prodigy

12/19/2013 6:52am
Luke Spring's path to Broadway began in the unlikeliest place _ the lost-and-found bin.

NY-based Lichtenstein foundation gives photo trove

12/19/2013 7:04am
A trove of photographs of more than 400 artists at work is being given to five major American and European museums by the New York-based Roy Lichtenstein Foundation.

AP critics pick the year's best video games

12/19/2013 7:59am
The top 10 video games of 2013, according to Lou Kesten:

Ditch a formal diner and do apps this New Year's

12/19/2013 8:00am
Not up to putting on a formal dinner party for New Year's Eve? Can't blame you. And who cares? Most people would prefer the more casual atmosphere of lots of appetizer-sized nibbles, anyway.

Lawsuits, mergers, and, yes, books, in 2013

12/19/2013 8:20am
In 2013, everything and nothing happened in the publishing industry.

`Lucy' special puts colorization back in spotlight

12/19/2013 9:46am
You look at them, and somehow it's not how they're supposed to look: Lucy and Ricky, Fred and Ethel, moving around familiar sets doing their familiar "I Love Lucy" thing. And yet they seem more substantial, more real. Because this time, they are rendered in color.

Goldstein, publisher of Screw magazine, dies in NY

12/19/2013 10:33am
Al Goldstein, the bearded, bird-flipping publisher of Screw magazine who smashed down legal barriers against pornography and raged against politicians, organized religion and anything that even suggested good taste, died Thursday, according to a friend. He was 77.

Daft Punk, Willie Nelson to perform at Grammys

12/19/2013 10:38am
Willie Nelson and Daft Punk will hit the stage at the Grammy Awards next month.

Harry Shearer's 'Le Show' marks 30 years on radio

12/19/2013 10:52am
You know Harry Shearer from "The Simpsons," voicing Mr. Burns, Waylon Smithers, Ned Flanders, Reverend Lovejoy and so many of its other cartoon characters.

You can trust us on this, but you probably won't

12/19/2013 11:48am
Do you keep a close watch when you hand over your credit card?

How the AP-GfK poll was conducted

12/19/2013 11:51am
The Associated Press-GfK poll on the American public's trust in others was conducted by GfK Public Affairs and Corporate Communications Oct. 3-7. It is based on online interviews of 1,227 adults who are members of GfK's nationally representative KnowledgePanel.

British author Paul Torday dies at 67

12/19/2013 12:15pm
British novelist Paul Torday, who had a surprise best-seller with his debut novel "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen," has died at age 67, his publisher said Thursday.

United limits unaccompanied minors to nonstops

12/19/2013 12:22pm
Hey, kids! United Airlines says children flying alone need to go nonstop or stay home.

Prince William, Kate heading down under

12/19/2013 12:25pm
Palace officials say Prince William and his wife, Kate, will travel to New Zealand and Australia in the spring.

Gift Guide: Streaming players project video to TV

12/19/2013 12:31pm
I was happy watching television shows and movies on my computer _ until I realized what I was missing.

6 states receive $280M in early learning grants

12/19/2013 12:45pm
Six states were announced Thursday as winners of a combined $280 million in government grants to improve early learning programs for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

2013 brought surprises, good and bad, to viewers

12/19/2013 1:41pm
Even after all these years, TV in 2013 continued to surprise us.

To be Meryl Streep, it takes work

12/19/2013 2:08pm
"A big chunk of meat" is how Meryl Streep describes the sprawling, combative dinner scene at the core of "August: Osage County."

Blue Dog artist: philanthropist, historian in art

12/19/2013 2:19pm
Blue Dog artist George Rodrigue was remembered Thursday as someone who, despite his fame, would step away from dignitaries to help a child, raised millions of dollars for charity and was told in high school to stop his doodling.

British singing star Adele receives royal honor

12/19/2013 2:45pm
Singing star Adele has been honored at Buckingham Palace, being made a Member of the Order of the British Empire by Prince Charles.

Demi Lovato confirms 'X Factor' exit

12/19/2013 2:56pm
Demi Lovato says she's leaving "The X Factor" to focus on her music career.

Steven Van Zandt is sad Mandela will miss concert

12/19/2013 3:29pm
Steven Van Zandt says his first thought when he heard Nelson Mandela had died "was a selfish one."

FDA to make food safety rules more farmer-friendly

12/19/2013 3:29pm
The Food and Drug Administration says it will revise sweeping new food safety rules proposed earlier this year after farmers complained the rules could hurt business.

Rarely seen Van Gogh moves to National Gallery

12/19/2013 3:35pm
A Vincent Van Gogh painting that has been hidden away at a Virginia estate for decades will have a new home at the National Gallery of Art.

Professor in trouble after prostitution skit

12/19/2013 3:38pm
A tenured Colorado professor has run into trouble after a lecture on prostitution featured a skit in which students dressed up as prostitutes, sex slaves and escorts.

Katie Couric's talk show to end after this season

12/19/2013 4:03pm
Katie Couric is calling it quits on her weekday talk show as she heads to Yahoo.

Famed Chicago radio host Larry Lujack dies at 73

12/19/2013 4:08pm
Larry Lujack, an immensely popular Chicago radio personality whose sarcasm, grumpiness and sense of humor was unlike anything listeners had heard and who influenced some of today's best-known broadcasters, has died. He was 73.

AP music writers' top 10 albums of the year

12/19/2013 4:33pm
Associated Press Music Writers Mesfin Fekadu and Chris Talbott pick their top 10 albums of the year.

Review: CG effects do battle in 3-D 'Dinosaurs'

12/19/2013 4:59pm
Dinosaurs rule the earth in this big-budget 3D feature update of the late `90s TV show.

Are we playing the Super Bowl or 'Hunger Games?'

12/19/2013 5:13pm
For all the dire predictions making the rounds, you'd think they were playing "The Hunger Games" at MetLife Stadium on Feb. 2 instead of the Super Bowl.

Runway reopened after plane slides in Utah

12/19/2013 5:26pm
Flights were disrupted at Salt Lake City International Airport on Thursday after a cargo plane slid on a taxiway made slick by a winter storm.

Vegan leather, faux fur are hot holiday gifts

12/19/2013 5:34pm
Finding a knockoff version of the fur you want under the Christmas tree would ordinarily be a disappointment.

Pa. man wins $1M Picasso with $138 raffle ticket

12/19/2013 6:58pm
A man looking for art for his new home has won a $1 million Picasso painting with a $138 raffle ticket.

Jury finds portrait of Fawcett belongs to O'Neal

12/19/2013 7:10pm
For most of the last 33 years, an Andy Warhol portrait of Farrah Fawcett has hung in the home of her longtime lover, Ryan O'Neal, and a jury's verdict Thursday ensures that is where it will stay.

Christie's to auction trove of 85 Joan Miro works

12/19/2013 7:33pm
A trove of 85 works by Spanish surrealist master Joan Miro acquired by the Portuguese government from a failing bank is up for auction with an estimated value of 30 million pounds ($49 million).

Over 75 injured in partial London theater collapse

12/19/2013 8:09pm
Hunks of plaster and dust rained down on a packed audience when the ceiling of a London theater partially collapsed Thursday night. More than 75 people were injured – seven seriously, authorities said.

Paul Rudd cast as superhero Ant-Man in Marvel film

12/19/2013 9:11pm
Paul Rudd has been cast as Ant-Man in Edgar Wright's superhero film about a scientist who can shrink himself down to the size of an insect.

Dads to diapers and more, myth-busting survey says

12/19/2013 10:02pm
The detached dad, turning up his nose at diapering and too busy to bathe, dress and play with his kids, is mostly a myth, a big government survey suggests. Most American fathers say they are heavily involved in hands-on parenting, the researchers found.

Creators of 'Riverdance' plan to tour new show

12/19/2013 10:07pm
The folks behind "Riverdance" have a new thundering Irish dance show poised to tour North America, but don't dare call it "Riverdance II."