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ABC and Univision's love child bursts to life

10/19/2013 8:40am
The long-awaited DNA exchange between ABC and Univision emerges from the test tube this month, aiming to stretch the limits of traditional network programming. The English-language television network, called Fusion, will target millennial Hispanics and their BFFs as it attempts to capitalize on a generation for which cultural fusion is the norm and digital media is king.

Breed easy: Motion detectors aid dairy farmers

10/19/2013 10:19am
Every step a cow takes and every mouthful she eats at Saxon Homestead Farm is recorded by an electronic device on a collar around her neck. Since cows in heat move more and digest less, farmers can use the data to determine when to breed them.

Shutdown coverage benefits cable news networks

10/19/2013 12:31pm
The federal government shutdown damaged the reputations of Washington politicians but proved good business for the cable television news networks _ and taught some reporters new benefits of virtually instant communications.

In life and especially in death, JFK changed TV

10/19/2013 1:00pm
It's a measure of how long ago President John F. Kennedy died that, at the time, television was described as a young medium. With the shooting in Dallas, TV grew up.

Stars, shows, movies honored for eco-friendliness

10/19/2013 10:58pm
TV's "House of Cards" and the movie "Promised Land" are being recognized for their eco-friendly messages.

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