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Fleeing vehicle crashes, injures 3 people

07/16/2014 7:39am
A police chase involving a possible suspect in a robbery sent three people to the hospital.

Dog attacks 14-year-old girl

07/16/2014 7:55am
A 14-year-old girl is in the hospital after being attacked by a pit bull in Cottonwood Heights.

Utah boy drowns in eastern Montana lake

07/16/2014 8:43am
Officials in eastern Montana have released the name of a 15-year-old boy who drowned while trying to swim to an island in a small lake near Miles City.

Fate of historic school debated in Draper

07/16/2014 8:57am
Draper city leaders and members of the community are at odds over the fate of a historic building.

The myth of the 'base tan'

07/16/2014 9:28am
It's a widely held belief that if someone wants to protect their skin from the sun over the summer, they need to have a base tan. But dermatologists say it's a dangerous myth.

Feds may seek more proof on auto mileage claims

07/16/2014 10:04am
The federal government may require automakers to road test cars to ensure the accuracy of gas mileage claims, the Environmental Protection Agency confirmed Tuesday.

Big money brings big responsibility for Hayward

07/16/2014 10:14am
Gordon Hayward got the big-money deal that he sought. But the new $63 million contract comes with a price. As the Jazz's highest-paid player, Hayward has to improve his game and also must make a significant jump in his leadership.

Marines test new beach assault vehicle

07/16/2014 10:30am
Call it part tank, part boat and part beer cooler. But it's unquestionably all cool. It's a new U.S. Marine Corps vehicle for getting stuff like troops, tanks and trucks from ships to shore and back.

Road melts at Yellowstone National Park

07/16/2014 10:45am
Extreme heat from thermal features at Yellowstone National Park, created by the active volcano below the park, caused oil to bubble on a road surface on July 9 and damage it.

Tips for choosing a home inspector

07/16/2014 11:15am
Getting a home inspected before closing is routine for finding out what might be wrong with the house you're buying. But how do you know which home inspector is right for you?

5 adventures to go on while visiting Belize

07/16/2014 11:23am
Belize is the perfect country for both adventurers and people wanting to relax. Here are five things to do while visiting Belize.

After own experience, woman creates scholarship race for single moms

07/16/2014 11:34am
Katie Bunnell was 23 years old when her husband unexpectedly passed away, leaving her with a 3-month-old baby.

Thousands of bees cleared from Colorado home

07/16/2014 11:47am
More than 10,000 bees were removed from a Colorado home Monday.

Internet responds to dad's request to edit only photos of daughter

07/16/2014 12:56pm
A grieving father asked a forum on Reddit to edit out the tubes and wires that were constantly attached to his daughter during her short six weeks of life, and Redditors overwhelmingly responded to his heartbreaking request.

Have You Seen This? Reflexive high-five interrupts wedding

07/16/2014 1:15pm
We intensively teach children to high-five and often use it as a reward when a child does something good, but we never think something so adorable could backfire.

Poll: Immigration tops list of most important issues

07/16/2014 1:34pm
The percentage of Americans who say that immigration is the nation's top problem has soared over the past month, according to a new national survey.

Maintain your brain

07/16/2014 2:00pm
The ins and outs of how to keep your brain healthy so you can run on all cylinders.

10 Years of 'Napoleon Dynamite:' Where are they now?

07/16/2014 2:01pm
It's been 10 years since Napoleon and Kip first stepped foot into Rex’s dojo, and we have an update of how the world is celebrating and where the stars are today.

Texas actress who sent Obama ricin sentenced to 18 years

07/16/2014 2:46pm
The Texas actress who admitted sending ricin- laced letters to President Barack Obama and then-New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was sentenced to 18 years in prison Wednesday, the U.S. attorney's office said.

Local band believes in 'giving out' music, releases video

07/16/2014 3:45pm
The Signal Sound released a music video last week, so KSL talked to them about the video, their influences and what's next for them.

Parole board considering release of Reggie Campos

07/16/2014 4:05pm
The man once convicted of shooting a neighborhood watchman during a confrontation in Bluffdale, leaving the man paralyzed, is scheduled to be released from prison. But because of several recent court rulings, the parole board met Wednesday to decide whether he should remain in prison for another year.

Ex-boyfriend stabs man in fight over woman, police say

07/16/2014 4:07pm
An ex-boyfriend stabbed a woman's new boyfriend in a fight Tuesday, police said.

2 arrested in connection with forged check, stolen motorcycle

07/16/2014 4:31pm
A man and woman were arrested Tuesday evening after attempting to pass a forged check and riding on a stolen motorcycle, police said.

2 arrested after stabbing sends man to hospital, police say

07/16/2014 5:32pm
Two men were arrested after a confrontation that sent another man to the hospital Wednesday, police said.

Passers-by save driver from burning semitruck

07/16/2014 5:51pm
Two semitrucks collided and caught fire on I- 80 near the Wyoming border Wednesday morning. Investigators said passers-by pulled a critically injured person from one of the semis.

US, Europe escalate economic sanctions on Russia

07/16/2014 7:02pm
Struggling to defuse the persistent crisis in Ukraine, both the U.S. and European Union imposed new economic sanctions on Russia Wednesday, with President Barack Obama declaring that Russian leaders must see that their actions supporting rebels "have consequences."

Funeral held for 6 slain family members in Texas

07/16/2014 7:23pm
Six white caskets containing the bodies of a suburban Houston couple and four of their five children were wheeled into a church Wednesday for funeral services not far from where the family was gunned down at their home a week ago.

Car crashes into salon in American Fork

07/16/2014 7:39pm
An elderly woman crashed into the front of a salon Wednesday afternoon after mistaking the accelerator for the brake pedal, American Fork Fire Department said.

The legal battles begin for Swallow, Shurtleff

07/16/2014 8:25pm
Investigators spent nearly two years building a criminal case against former Utah Attorneys General Mark Shurtleff and John Swallow, and now they have to prove it.

Director, writer talk about unfilmed 'Seinfeld' episode

07/16/2014 8:27pm
A former writer and director of NBC's "Seinfeld" spoke out recently about an episode that never made it to filming after it was kiboshed by cast and crew during a reading.

Utah asks Supreme Court for emergency stay

07/16/2014 8:38pm
Utah asked the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday to stay an appeals court ruling that would require it recognize same-sex marriage performed in the state starting next Monday.

Having a 'mom fail' day? Turn it into a 'mom win'

07/16/2014 8:54pm
A lifeguard saved my son last week, making one scary #momfail day for me. Still, no mom is perfect, and the best we can do is improve upon today. Here are a couple things I have found we can do to turn a #momfail day into a #momwin.

Israel, Hamas agree to Gaza 'humanitarian' pause

07/16/2014 9:20pm
Israel and Hamas agreed to a five-hour U.N. brokered "humanitarian" pause to their 9-day-long battle, offering the most encouraging sign yet that the fierce fighting could come to an end.

2 Aggie football players arrested, charged

07/16/2014 9:24pm
Utah State wide receivers Ronald Butler and "JoJo" Natson were arrested and charged over the weekend by the Cache County Sheriff's Office.

Man with leg trapped under rock rescued from bottom of waterfall

07/16/2014 9:45pm
Emergency crews used a system of ropes to rescue a man whose leg was trapped by a rock at the bottom of a waterfall in Washington state.

Cordova still sheriff in Carbon County; 2 investigations underway

07/16/2014 9:55pm
Carbon County commissioners decided not to remove Sheriff James Cordova from office Wednesday, opting instead to have the county attorney's office continue its investigation into allegations that the sheriff is now living in St. George.

Distant wildfires causing smoky Utah skies, experts say

07/16/2014 10:08pm
The thick haze that lingered over much of the Wasatch Front on Wednesday morning didn't originate in Utah. In fact, meteorologists say some of it came from as far away as the Pacific Northwest.

Man starts fire using 'blowtorch' to kill spider

07/16/2014 10:32pm
A man who used a can of spray paint and a lighter as a makeshift blowtorch to kill a spider in his laundry room started a blaze that caused $60,000 worth of damage, Seattle fire officials said Wednesday.

Deadly consequences: a trooper’s perspective on a triple-fatal accident

07/16/2014 11:02pm
The July 4 accident that killed three people on I-80 was just one of many highway tragedies Utah has seen this summer. All of them take a toll on everyone involved, including the emergency crews who respond, and UHP Lt. Cory Nye knows that firsthand.

Alleged arsonist identified, pleaded guilty to arson in the past

07/16/2014 11:17pm
Investigators say the fire that burned nearly 200 acres, evacuated homes and contaminated a town's water supply was arson.