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Pope to priests: forgive, don't shut out sinners

05/11/2014 5:30am
Pope Francis has taken to task priests who are so harsh on sinners that faithful feel pushed away by the church.

Nigerian Catholics pray for release of kidnapped girls

05/11/2014 10:11am
Christians in Nigeria's capital are praying for the girls abducted by radical Islamist group Boko Haram (BOH'-koh hah-RAHM').

Holy Land cleric: Hate crimes threaten pope visit

05/11/2014 11:01am
The top Roman Catholic cleric in the Holy Land urged Israel to crack down on vandals behind a spate of hate crimes aimed primarily at Christian and Muslim sites on Sunday, weeks before Pope Francis visits.

67 Mormon missionaries moved out of Ukraine

05/11/2014 6:10pm
The Mormon church is moving 67 missionaries out of Ukraine due to continuing unrest there.

Presidential checklist: preparations in motion

05/11/2014 7:30pm
In the latest prep work for a presidential campaign, Rand Paul is conspicuously courting moderate and establishment Republicans while Ted Cruz keeps up a travel schedule that has 2016 written all over it.

Mother or not, LDS leader says all women have reason to celebrate

05/11/2014 10:12pm
A female leader in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is sharing her thoughts on Mother's Day and why it should be celebrated by all women. She's also praising the actions of an NBA player who chose to publicly thank his mother.