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Satellite images show a dark North Korea

12/21/2012 11:45am
City lights are normally a fairly accurate predictor of population size, with some exceptions — the most glaring of which is North Korea.

Rudolph's red nose not a myth, researchers find

12/21/2012 12:08pm
Researchers in the Netherlands and Norway solved the mystery of Rudolph's red nose by employing thermal imaging techniques of both reindeer and humans.

Click, print, shoot: Downloadable guns possible

12/21/2012 2:24pm
Downloading a gun design to your computer, building it with a three-dimensional printer that uses plastics and other materials, and firing it minutes later. No background checks, no questions asked.

Boeing uses potatoes, not people, to improve airplane Wi-Fi

12/21/2012 6:45pm
Wi-Fi on flights can be frustratingly inconsistent, but Boeing is trying to improve it — by using potatoes.