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Father with cancer writes 826 napkin notes for daughter

01/31/2014 8:00am
A father battling cancer wrote enough notes to put in his daughter's lunch for the rest of her grade school career.

New treatment could reduce kids' peanut allergies

01/31/2014 8:16am
An experimental therapy that fed children with peanut allergies small amounts of peanut flour has helped more than 80 percent of them safely eat a handful of the previously worrisome nuts.

Report: Childhood cancer cases up, but deaths down

01/31/2014 10:10am
In its most comprehensive look at the cancers that most commonly affect youths, the American Cancer Society said in a report Friday that childhood cases continues to increase, but death rates have fallen .

Study: Kids' obesity risk starts before school age

01/31/2014 4:00pm
Those efforts to fight obesity in schools? Think younger. A new study finds that much of a child's "weight fate" is set by age 5, and that nearly half of kids who became obese by the eighth grade were already overweight when they started kindergarten.

Inspired by polar vortex, family builds multi-colored igloo in backyard

01/31/2014 8:46pm
When freezing temperatures and endless snowstorms threatened to keep one family inside for months on end, they decided to build themselves a place to chill outside. All it took was some aluminum tins and a whole lot of food coloring.