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Have You Seen This? Utah choir won’t let NYC blackout stop the music

Martha Ostergar, Contributor  |  Posted Jul 14th - 1:51pm

A Utah choir takes to the street after New York City blackout cancels their Carnegie Hall concert.

Have You Seen This? The happiest cows in the whole world

Martha Ostergar, Contributor  |  Posted Jul 13th - 2:36pm

No one is happier at the end of a long Norwegian winter than a barn full of cows.

Have You Seen This? Guy pulls cobra from his motorcycle

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted Jul 12th - 3:05pm

I'm not sure I want to live a life where cobras in my motor vehicles are a normal occurrence and pulling them out isn't that big of a deal.

Have you seen this? Boy gives away new shoes to help a stranger

Katie Workman,  |  Posted Jul 11th - 3:34pm

When Ethan Emilo Guzman saw a boy from his apartment complex playing basketball without footwear, he couldn’t help but intervene.

Have You Seen This? Former Jazz center Enes Kanter takes cheat day to a whole new level

Xoel Cardenas,  |  Posted Jul 10th - 3:30pm

Former Utah Jazz player Enes Kanter also loves his cheat days. The newly signed Boston Celtics center decided to show the world what he eats on those very special calorie intake days.

Have You Seen This? The most impressive trampoline jump ever

Katie Workman,  |  Posted Jul 9th - 6:31pm

We often tell kids to reach for the stars, usually intended as a metaphor for chasing their dreams as they grow up. But for this gang of friends statements like that are a challenge to be taken on immediately and literally.

Have You Seen This? Time to eat a fire ball

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted Jul 8th - 2:38pm

Sometimes food is so spicy, it feels like your mouth is on fire. Other times, the food is literally on fire. This is the latter.

Have You Seen This? The Riders Who Say ‘Ni!’

Martha Ostergar, Contributor  |  Posted Jul 7th - 2:45pm

Another perfect internet mashup, this time with Lord of the Rings and Monty Python.

Have You Seen This? The best 4th of July pun ever

Martha Ostergar, Contributor  |  Posted Jul 6th - 2:50pm

This is no exaggeration, you will never top this 4th of July pun.

Have You Seen This? Pro wakeboarder might have just won the bottle cap challenge

Xoel Cardenas,  |  Posted Jul 5th - 3:40pm

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to complete the challenge … with a wakeboard. Well, imagine no more!

Have You Seen This? Weatherman shows off his moves

Xoel Cardenas,  |  Posted Jul 3rd - 4:28pm

What better way to start off the morning than dancing happily with someone else. For one weatherman in North Carolina, he's giving viewers just that.

Have You Seen This? Rugby player punches dislocated knee back into place

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted Jul 2nd - 3:22pm

Rugby players are in a class all their own, and this video proves it.

Have you seen this? Cow whisperer with a saxophone

Kaitlyn Workman,  |  Posted Jul 1st - 3:26pm

Serenading the cows with sweet melodies is sensational enough, but it’s the cows’ response that seals the deal.

Have You Seen This? How Pee-wee Herman became Jurassic

Martha Ostergar, Contributor  |  Posted Jun 30th - 2:43pm

This takes the idea of a monster movie to a new level of hysteria.

Have You Seen This? Japan zoo escape drill goes viral

Martha Ostergar, Contributor  |  Posted Jun 29th - 2:45pm

Practice makes perfect, but it’s unclear what this Japanese zoo is perfecting.

Have You Seen This? Puppy dance in the shower

Katie Workman,  |  Posted Jun 28th - 4:07pm

Everyone’s got their quirks, and the shower is a safe space for self-expression. For this little one, it’s all about basking in as much of the wetness as possible.

Have You Seen This? These Utah kids can shred

Yvette Cruz,  |  Posted Jun 25th - 3:02pm

You know the phrase, “just like riding a bike," right? That means something completely different to young Sophie and Lyon.

Have You Seen This? Dog heroically saves friend from river

Katie Workman,  |  Posted Jun 24th - 3:02pm

The power of friendship is real, and it is four-legged, fluffy, and will save you from a river if you ever need it.

Have You Seen This? Perfect new lyrics to ‘Fly Me to the Moon’

Martha Ostergar, Contributor  |  Posted Jun 23rd - 2:42pm

I think Frank Sinatra would approve.

Have You Seen This? The worst-best ‘Breakfast Club’ dance reenactment

Martha Ostergar, Contributor  |  Posted Jun 22nd - 2:49pm

Some people create amazingly accurate shot-for-shot reenactments. This man is not one of those people.