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Pope gives bishops more decision-making options

The Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 18th - 6:37am

Pope Francis is codifying ways of consulting ordinary Catholics about issues facing the Catholic Church and is giving more decision-making options to bishops to interpret and implement them.

Orthodox envoys meet with Ukraine's president

The Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 17th - 1:07pm

Ukraine's president has met with two envoys dispatched by the spiritual leader of the world's Orthodox Christians to prepare for establishing a Ukrainian church that is ecclesiastically independent from the Russian Orthodox Church.

Church law firm rebuts criticisms of medical marijuana initiative analysis

Ben Lockhart, KSL  |  Posted Sep 17th - 11:54am

Poll numbers newly released by Utah Policy show 43 percent of the state's likely voters are less likely to support the Proposition 2 medical marijuana ballot initiative as a result of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' opposition to it.

Report links half of Dutch cardinals and bishops to abuse

Mike Corder, Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 17th - 4:09am

A media report linking half of the cardinals and bishops who served in the Netherlands between 1945 and 2010 to abuse cases has drawn the country's Catholic Church into the church's global sex abuse and cover-up scandal.

Latter-day Saint man who publicly opposed 'sexually explicit' interviews excommunicated

Liesl Nielsen,  |  Posted Sep 16th - 12:06pm

A former Texas bishop for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who publicly opposed the way the church conducted interviews between leaders and children was excommunicated Sunday.

Pope gives those in square a gift, jokes: 'don't pay for it'

The Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 16th - 5:27am

Pope Francis had a surprise for the 35,000 people in St. Peter's Square — tiny crucifixes.

Church of Jesus Christ Pres. Russell M. Nelson speaks to Latter-day Saints in Seattle

Jacob Klopfenstein, and Sam Penrod, KSL TV  |  Posted Sep 15th - 11:01pm

The president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was in Seattle Saturday, where he spoke to church members in the baseball stadium belonging to the Seattle Mariners.

As Florence moves west, North Carolina prepares for recovery

Gary D. Robertson, Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 15th - 2:33pm

North Carolina must withstand more torrential rains, gusty winds, and river flooding from Tropical Storm Florence next week, but emergency leaders are already working on the recovery.

Pope says populism should serve people, not stir up quarrels

The Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 15th - 6:47am

Pope Francis is recommending a Christian kind of populism after being attacked by Italian politicians for defending migrants.

Pope pays tribute in Sicily to priest slain by Mafia

Trisha Thomas and Frances D'Emilio, Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 15th - 1:54am

Pope Francis appealed to Mafiosi to renounce their quests for power and money as he visited Sicily on Saturday to honor a priest slain by mob henchmen for trying to protect youths from the evil clutches of organized crime.

16 Catholic priests in Utah accused of sex abuse since 1990, bishop says

Ben Lockhart, KSL  |  Posted Sep 14th - 7:07pm

The Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City has received "credible allegations of sexual abuse" against 16 priests since 1990, Bishop Oscar Solis said in a letter this week to Utah Catholics, including complaints submitted against two priests this year.

Utah diocese: 16 priests accused of sex abuse since 1990

The Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 14th - 4:02pm

Prompted by the recent scandal surrounding sexual abuse by Catholic priests across Pennsylvania, the bishop of the Salt Lake City diocese is publicly disclosing Utah's own history of "credible allegations" going back nearly 60 years.

$1.5M settlement for Muslim workers fired in prayer dispute

James Anderson, Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 14th - 11:07am

A big U.S. meatpacker has agreed to pay $1.5 million to 138 Somali-American Muslim workers who were fired from their jobs at a Colorado plant after they were refused prayer breaks, a federal anti-discrimination agency said Friday.

Town accused of bias against Orthodox Jews settles lawsuit

The Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 18th - 5:51am

A New Jersey town has agreed to repeal an ordinance that state officials said discriminated against Orthodox Jews.

Catholic dioceses sued over disclosure of abuse allegations

Claudia Lauer, Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 17th - 12:11pm

Parents of children in the Roman Catholic Church and survivors of sexual abuse by clergy filed a lawsuit Monday against Pennsylvania's eight dioceses and their bishops asking a judge to compel them to release information about abuse allegations.

Vatican suspends priest in Spain over child sex abuse claims

The Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 17th - 8:36am

Church officials in northern Spain say the Vatican has suspended a priest for 10 years over allegations that he abused schoolchildren more than three decades ago.

At least 9 killed in extremist attacks in Burkina Faso

The Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 15th - 10:44am

Authorities in Burkina Faso say extremists have killed at least nine civilians in two attacks in the country's east.

Iraqi lawmakers elect Sunni Arab as parliament speaker

Qassim Abdul-Zahra, Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 15th - 5:55am

Amid escalating political wrangling, Iraqi lawmakers elected an Iran-backed Sunni Arab as speaker of parliament on Saturday, the first step in forming a new government four months after national elections.

Iran orders the closure of a pro-reform newspaper

The Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 15th - 5:33am

Iranian media are reporting that the country's General Prosecutor has ordered the closure of a reformist newspaper on charges of insulting the Shiite religion.

San Diego diocese adds 8 priests to list of predators

The Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 14th - 8:58pm

The Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego has added eight priests to its list of those believed to have molested children.