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Climate talks held as Arctic ice melts, concerns grow

Frank Jordans, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 17th - 4:34am

Diplomats and climate experts gathered Monday in Germany for U.N.-hosted talks on climate change amid growing public pressure for governments to act faster against global warming.

Overflowing Great Lakes pose new threat for endangered bird

John Flesher, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 16th - 11:14pm

Peering through a spotting scope mounted on a tripod, researcher Alice Van Zoeren notices a piping plover skittering across a sandy, pebble-strewn Lake Michigan beach and hopping into a nest, swapping places with its mate.

Oregon tackles climate change with cap-and-trade proposal

Sarah Zimmerman, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 16th - 10:16pm

Oregon is on the precipice of becoming the second state after California to adopt a cap-and-trade program, a market-based approach to lowering the greenhouse gas emissions behind global warming.

Experts: Humpback whale in San Francisco Bay appears ill

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 16th - 5:58pm

A humpback whale that has become an unusual presence in San Francisco Bay may be ill.

Google CEO says he wants to reach the next billion users, but has no plans to relaunch in China

Jackie Wattles, CNN Business  |  Posted Jun 16th - 11:12am

Google was met with outrage last year when it was reported that the company may have been looking to get back into the search engine business in China. The company previously left China in protest over its strict censorship policies — which have only grown more strict.

Utah company starts ‘Uber for hourly jobs’ concept through Bacon app

Ashley Moser, KSL TV  |  Posted Jun 15th - 2:15pm

A Utah company is hooking up local companies with job seekers to fill quick, hourly jobs.

Audubon intervenes to protect ocean monument for puffins

Patrick Whittle, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 15th - 9:54am

The National Audubon Society is getting involved in a lawsuit over the future of a national monument in the ocean off New England because of the area's importance to seabirds, especially colorfully beaked puffins.

Washington state waterfront owners asked to take dead whales

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 15th - 9:13am

At least one Washington state waterfront landowner has said yes to a request to allow dead gray whales to decompose on their property.

Up close: 14-year-old’s invention helps premature babies hear

Dan Rascon, KSL TV  |  Posted Jun 15th - 8:38am

Fourteen-year-old Olivia Washburn is hoping to help premature babies across the world through her newborn intensive care unit caps.

In hot water? Study says warming may reduce sea life by 17%

Seth Borenstein, The Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 15th - 7:56am

The world's oceans will likely lose about one-sixth of their fish and other marine life by the end of the century if climate change continues on its current path, a new study says.

What's so bad about processed foods? Scientists offer clues

Candice Choi& Health Writer, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 15th - 3:39am

Chips, soda and frozen pizzas tend to be full of salt, sugar and fat, but now scientists are trying to understand if there's something else about such processed foods that might be bad for us.

Zero elephants poached in a year in top Africa wildlife park

Cara Anna, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 15th - 3:23am

One of Africa's largest wildlife preserves is marking a year without a single elephant found killed by poachers, which experts call an extraordinary development in an area larger than Switzerland where thousands of the animals have been slaughtered in recent years.

What's so bad about processed foods? Scientists offer clues

Candice Choi, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 14th - 8:38pm

Chips, soda and frozen pizzas tend to be full of salt, sugar and fat, but now scientists are trying to understand if there's something else about such processed foods that might be bad for us.

Growers hope standards bring order to hemp industry 'mess'

Gillian Flaccus, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 14th - 8:05am

A unit of wheat is called a bushel, and a standard weight of potatoes is called a century. But hemp as a fully legal U.S. agricultural commodity is so new that a unit of hemp seed doesn't yet have a universal name or an agreed-upon quantity.

Meditation helps treat and even prevent opioid addiction, University of Utah studies show

Lauren Bennett, KSL  |  Posted Jun 14th - 7:02am

The implications of mindfulness don't just help people overcome addiction — it can potentially reduce the actual pain in those suffering from chronic pain, according to the lead researcher behind new University of Utah studies.

JFK Library launches app to celebrate Apollo 11 mission

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 17th - 9:34am

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing with a new app that helps users relive the 1969 launch of the Apollo 11 mission.

Strong quake hits island chain off New Zealand; no tsunami

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 15th - 6:29pm

A magnitude 7.4 earthquake struck an arc of islands off New Zealand on Sunday, and the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said it may cause only minor sea level changes in some coastal areas.

NOAA: 279 dolphins dead on Gulf Coast, triple usual number

Janet McConnaughey, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 14th - 10:15am

At least 279 dolphins have stranded across much of the U.S. Gulf Coast since Feb. 1, triple the usual number, and about 98 percent of them have died, scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Friday.

Church loses battle in Christian Science trust case

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 14th - 8:51am

A Christian Science church in Australia cannot sue trusts created following the 1910 death of Christian Science movement founder Mary Baker Eddy, New Hampshire's highest court ruled Friday.