Grim tally: A look at each of Utah's homicide victims of 2023

Photos are on display as residents of the town of Enoch, Iron County, come together in honor of Gail Earl and the Haight Family at a vigil at the sports complex in Enoch on Jan. 13, 2023.

Photos are on display as residents of the town of Enoch, Iron County, come together in honor of Gail Earl and the Haight Family at a vigil at the sports complex in Enoch on Jan. 13, 2023. (Scott G Winterton, Deseret News)

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SALT LAKE CITY — There were 94 homicides in Utah during 2023, according to statistics compiled annually by Nearly eight out of every 10 victims were shot to death.

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Here is a look at each of the Utah homicide victims and how they were killed in 2023.

The family of Michael and Tausha Haight.
The family of Michael and Tausha Haight. (Photo: Haight family)
Gail Earl
Gail Earl (Photo: GoFundMe)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. ENOCH, Iron County, Jan. 5 — Tausha Haight, 40; Haight's mother, 78-year-old Gail Earl; and Haight's children — daughters, Macie Lynn, 17; Briley Ann, 12; and Sienna Belle, 7; and sons, Ammon, 7; and Gavin Drew, 4 — were shot to death by the children's father and Haight's husband, 42-year-old Michael Orwin Haight, in their home at 4923 N. Albert Drive. Michael Haight then took his own life. Four of the children were found in their bedrooms. All had been shot in the head and some were shot multiple times. In a suicide note, Haight called himself an "honorable good man" and blamed his wife for their family troubles, adding he'd rather rot in hell than have his family "be a burden on society." But friends and neighbors described him as a man obsessed with maintaining a perfect public image and said he was mentally abusive to his wife and children. He had recently been fired from his job and was served with divorce papers on Dec. 27. Police say Earl was staying with the family because of safety concerns with Michael Haight refusing to leave the home, though the wife told her attorney her husband would never physically harm them. Method: Shooting Motive: Unknown domestic

Madison Kay Staker
Madison Kay Staker (Photo: Lindquist Mortuary)

8. OGDEN, Jan. 8 — Madison Staker, 24, of Ogden, was shot following a night of arguing with Garrett Steven Gorsch, 21, whom she lived with at 2261 Jefferson Ave. Gorsch allegedly told police he shot her after she refused to leave their house. Witnesses said he had made threats against her life. Gorsch is charged with murder. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Domestic fight

Jacqueline "Jacky" Nunez-Millan, a 16-year-old sophomore at Piute High School, was shot and killed Jan. 8, in Piute County.
Jacqueline "Jacky" Nunez-Millan, a 16-year-old sophomore at Piute High School, was shot and killed Jan. 8, in Piute County. (Photo: Family photo)

9. CIRCLEVILLE, Piute County, Jan. 9 — Jacqueline "Jacky" Nunez-Millan, 16, a Piute High student, was shot to death by her boyfriend. Francisco Daniel Aguilar, 17, pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. Aguilar took a gun and bullets from his father's bedroom before going to a remote area with his girlfriend. Aguilar said he only intended to scare her, but the judge said that made no sense. "I acted impulsively, irrationally, out of anger, and I regret it," Aguilar said at sentencing. Method: Shooting Motive: Unknown domestic

10. SARATOGA SPRINGS, Jan. 9 — Christopher Sallee, 50, of Salt Lake City, was shot and killed by three police officers while trying to avoid arrest by attempting to break into a random home. He led police on chases before running into a residential area in the Dalmore Meadows subdivision. Once officers realized he had a gun, he refused commands to drop it. He was shot at least 10 times after using the butt of his gun to break a window of a house. Saratoga Springs officers Taylor Robertson, Seth Llorens and Daniel Rapkay were determined to be legally justified. Method: Shooting Motive: Justified self-defense

Penisimani Halai in 2005
Penisimani Halai in 2005 (Photo: Salt Lake County Jail)

11. SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 13 — Penisimani Halai, 41, who was wanted on felony warrants, was shot by Salt Lake police after fleeing, crashing into several parked cars near 500 N. Star Crest Drive. He broke a basement window of a house he had no connections to and went inside. Two other people were in the room. Officers broke into the house and shot him. Police say he had a weapon but have not said what kind. Halai died at a hospital a week later. Four officers were placed on standard paid administrative leave. The Salt Lake County district attorney will determine if the shooting was legally justified. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Self-defense

Juan G Garcia, Jr.
Juan G Garcia, Jr. (Photo: Lindquist Mortuary)

12. OGDEN, Jan. 17 — Juan G Garcia Jr. (JJ), 24, was shot multiple times while in a car 1200 Harrison Blvd. and later died at a hospital. Police say Garcia's vehicle had nine bullet holes. Mauro Soto, 22, of Roy, is charged with aggravated murder. Anthony Barela, 30, who police say was driving, is charged with two counts of obstructing justice. Method: Shooting Motive: Unknown

13. ROY, Jan. 17 — Suzanne Meyer, 62, was shot in her Roy home, 3014 W. 4750 South. Her husband, Dave Richard Meyer, 70, claimed he shot her in bed with a 9mm gun to end years of chronic pain she suffered from due to a car crash 11 years ago and said she had been asking him to kill her, court documents say. Police say Meyer left her body in the room about four days before reporting her death. He is charged with murder. Method: Shooting Motive: Unknown domestic

Eduardo Moreno Lujan
Eduardo Moreno Lujan (Photo: National Gun Violence Memorial)

14, 15. TAYLORSVILLE, Jan. 30 — Eduardo Moreno Lujan, 21, and a teen only identified by his initials A.L. were shot while sitting in a car at Atherton Park Apartments, 4545 S. Atherton Drive during what police believe was a drug deal gone bad. Rafael Antonio Torres, 19, was arrested for investigation of aggravated murder for allegedly shooting A.L. but no criminal charges have been filed against him. His attorney says he only fired his weapon after his cousin, Moreno, who was in the driver's seat, was shot first by A.L, who was in the front passenger seat. Torres was in the back seat when he allegedly shot A.L. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Drugs, self-defense

Guthrie Serawop
Guthrie Serawop (Photo: Hullinger Mortuary)

16. SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 1 — Guthrie Uland Serawop, 35, was shot four times at the Riverview Townhomes, 1665 S. Riverside Drive (1140 West), and died the next day. Oliver Spencer Avila, 23, is charged with murder and his brother, Julio Steven Cardona, 30, with possession of a weapon by a restricted person. Cardona said Avila got a gun and hid it from their parents, but he took it to prevent Avila from causing "trouble." Avila asked for the gun back that day, saying people were looking for him. According to charges, surveillance video shows Avila and Serawop arguing and fighting before Avila pulled out the gun and shot Serawop. Avila claims the shooting was in self-defense. A justification hearing was held in December, but a judge has not yet ruled. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Fight

Charles Alires
Charles Alires (Photo: TheMemories)

17. SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 2 — Charles Alires, 34, was stabbed three times during a fight at the Palmer Court Apartments, 999 S. Main. Taddy Avalon Jackman, 43, is charged with murder and Ivy Chase Grant, 26, is charged with obstructing justice. Surveillance video shows Grant in a stairwell hugging people but a fistfight breaks out when Alires walks down the stairs. During the fight, Jackman pulled out a knife and stabbed Alires, charges say, and the two continued to hit him after he was on the ground. One witness told police Alires called Grant a name before the fight began. Method: Stabbing Alleged motive: Fight

18. SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 12 — Muridthi Hamadi, 17, was shot once in the chest inside an apartment near 1600 W. Ivy Circle. He died at a hospital. A 14-year-old boy was arrested and was later convicted in juvenile court of manslaughter and was committed to Juvenile Justice and Youth Services until he turns 21. Method: Shooting Motive: Unknown

Anthony Bracamonte
Anthony Bracamonte (Photo: GoFundMe)

19. STANSBURY PARK, Feb. 15 — The body of Anthony Bracamonte, 42, of Ogden, was discovered along I-80 in sagebrush about 2 miles from the Grantsville turnoff. Alejandro Manuel Moore, 30, is charged with murder in his friend's death. Bracamonte was in a car with Moore, Moore's mother Johnnie Marie Estrada and David Tenis driving to Wendover, when they say Bracamonte became belligerent. Tenis told police they stopped the car and he and Moore began fighting Bracamonte. At some point, Tenis said Moore shot Bracamonte about five times, then stood over him and shot him in the face five more times, according to police. Tenis, 32, of West Valley City, was charged with two counts of obstructing justice and Estrada, 51, of Midvale, was charged with four counts of obstructing justice. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Fight

Chase Allan
Chase Allan (Photo: Family photo)

20. FARMINGTON, March 1 — Chase Allan, 25, was shot and killed by Farmington police after they say he reached for a gun during a traffic stop. Allan was pulled over near 145 E. State for not having a valid license plate. But the minor traffic stop quickly became contentious when Allan refused to cooperate with the officers, using arguments typically used by people who claim to be "sovereign" citizens. The Davis County Attorney's Office determined Allan was pulling a gun out of his holster when he was shot by police. Sgt. Taylor Jacobson and officers Eric Gonnuscio, Justin Boucher, Kyle Carey and Harrison Chen were determined to be legally justified in using deadly force. Method: Shooting Motive: Justified self-defense

21. WEST VALLEY CITY, March 1— Lloyd Hughes, 67, was in a crosswalk at 3600 W. Christy Ave. when he was hit and killed by a vehicle. Marcos Adrian Garcia-Lugo, 21, is charged with manslaughter. Unified police attempted to pull Garcia-Lugo over after they say he nearly hit a crossing guard. But when he began driving recklessly, the officer terminated the pursuit for safety concerns. Garcia-Lugo continued to drive recklessly, however, and hit Hughes, police say. He was also indicted on federal drug charges days later. Method: Vehicle Alleged motive: Fleeing

A younger brother of Francisco Jesus Cuena holds a photo of his slain brother.
A younger brother of Francisco Jesus Cuena holds a photo of his slain brother. (Photo: Karah Brackin, KSL-TV)

22. WEST VALLEY CITY, March 3 — Francisco Jesus Cuena, 15, was found with multiple gunshot wounds inside a crashed car in Caesar Circle (3880 South) near 1300 West. Police say he was lured to the area by other teens and ambushed during a robbery attempt. Officers found about 20 bullet holes in the car and 36 casings were found on the street. Bryan Alvarez, 16; Kimberly Alvarez, 17; Anthony Alexander Hernandez, 17; and Xavior Lunt, 16, are all charged as adults with murder. A Taylorsville High resource officer noted the four are members of a gang. Hernandez told his father that Bryan Alvarez had been "beefing" with Francisco and wanted to hurt him. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Robbery

Timothy Parker, 58, and his wife, Jeannie Parker, 50
Timothy Parker, 58, and his wife, Jeannie Parker, 50 (Photo: Walker Funeral Home)

23, 24. SPANISH FORK, March 14 — Timothy Parker, 58, and his wife, Jeannie Parker, 50, were found shot in their Spanish Fork home, 1419 S. 2250 East, when officers were called to conduct a welfare check after both failed to show up for work. Tryston Robert Erickson, 26 — Jeannie Parker's son and Timothy Parker's stepson who had been living in the home — was arrested in Grand County, Colorado, following a chase with police. Police say he had photos of their deceased bodies on his phone. He is charged with two counts of aggravated murder. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Unknown domestic

Robert Lorenz Bien
Robert Lorenz Bien (Photo: Myers Mortuary)

25. OGDEN, March 14 — Robert Lorenz Bien, 34, was shot near 2957 Childs Ave. Hugo Zamora Jr., 25, and Charli Ortega Delgadillo, 17, are each charged with aggravated murder. Delgadillo was 16 at the time of the killing and is charged as an adult. A man with Bien said Zamora and Delgadillo came up to them and one pulled out a gun to try and rob them. He gave them $60 but said Bien refused to cooperate with their demands and was shot. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Robbery

Mathew Scott Nielsen
Mathew Scott Nielsen (Photo: Legacy)

26. SPRINGVILLE, March 19 — Mathew Scott Nielsen, 46, was shot by police after he tried to ambush officers. Police originally responded to a call of shots fired near 1500 West and 150 North. They did not find anything. But an hour later, an officer spotted a car that had struck a concrete barrier near 1200 West and 1000 North. As the officer went to check on the crash, Nielsen opened fire. That officer was shot in the leg. A second officer who arrived got into a shootout with Nielsen and was also injured. Police say Nielsen was wearing camouflaged clothing, and possibly body armor. Nielsen was a former police officer who was exhibiting strange behavior in the weeks leading up to the shooting, court documents say. Springville police officer Riley Redford was determined by the Utah County Attorney's Office to be legally justified. Method: Shooting Motive: Justified self-defense

Dylan William Murphy
Dylan William Murphy (Photo: Family photo)

27. SANDY, March 26 — Dylan William Murphy, 33, was shot and killed by a Sandy police officer near 11650 S. Eagle Bend Road. Family members had originally called police for help locating Murphy, saying he was suffering from a mental health episode, was suicidal and had cut himself earlier. An officer found Murphy, but before backup could arrive, a deadly confrontation unfolded seemingly without warning. The officer shot at Murphy three separate times while repeatedly telling the man to show his hands and "stay down." Murphy is seen in body and dashboard camera videos running toward the officer and was just 2-3 feet away from the officer when the first shots were fired. It is not known whether Murphy was armed. The Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office is reviewing the shooting. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Possible self-defense

28. TOOELE, April 1 — An unnamed 17-year-old boy was shot twice in the face during a drug deal and robbery attempt. The boy's name has not been publicly released. A man and his girlfriend had arranged to sell THC vape cartridges to the teen. But during the transaction — during which the couple had their 4-month-old child in the car — the teen and two others, ages 17 and 15, tried to rob the vape sellers at gunpoint and the victims fired back, hitting and killing the 17-year-old. Deyvis Alejandro Velasquez-Galeas, 25, was originally charged with murder and other crimes, but the murder charge was dismissed as part of a plea deal. He was convicted of drug possession with intent to distribute and child endangerment and sentenced to 90 days in jail and three years of probation. The teen suspects were booked into juvenile detention for investigation of aggravated robbery. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Drugs, robbery

29. SALT LAKE CITY, April 2 — Victoria Lynn Johnson, 71, was strangled and beaten to death in her apartment, 535 S. 200 East. Her body wasn't discovered until two days later when her husband, Larry Edward Johnson, 63, went to a relative's house in Pleasant Grove and allegedly told family members what had happened. Johnson is charged with murder. He told police he is bipolar, but heard voices telling him he was cured and didn't need medication, charges state. Police say he told them he "lost the ability to protect his wife and that he repeatedly struck his wife while she was sitting in her chair and then strangled her to death." Surveillance video shows Larry Johnson making about 40 trips from his apartment to the garbage chute around the time of her death, police say. Method: Strangulation, beating Alleged motive: Mental illness, domestic

30. SALT LAKE CITY, April 11 — Jonathan David Devereaux, 41, was stabbed in the neck at 401 W. 900 South. Alta Tresa Mardell, 25, was charged with murder. Devereaux was homeless and had been camping inside the building. Witnesses said Mardell told them someone exposed himself to her, she was upset and started stabbing a fence with a knife. She was then seen going inside the building with a knife saying she was going to "handle business" and "gonna go merk this fool," charges state. In her guilty plea, she said she was acting in "imperfect self-defense" because she believed Devereaux was trying to sexually assault her. Police say she has a lengthy history of violent assaults with deadly weapons. Mardell pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of manslaughter, a second-degree felony, and will be sentenced March 6. Method: Stabbing Alleged motive: Revenge, self-defense

Michael Kenneth Lee
Michael Kenneth Lee (Photo: Premier Funeral Services)

31. WEST JORDAN, April 22 — Michael Kenneth Lee, 30, was killed in a shootout with West Jordan police. Officers were originally called to the area of 3258 Jordan Line Parkway on a report of someone breaking into cars. Shortly after spotting Lee and suspecting him of being involved, gunfire was exchanged with officers. One officer was shot in the leg. The Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office will determine if the shooting was legally justified. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Self-defense

Angelica "Kica" Hernandez
Angelica "Kica" Hernandez (Photo: GoFundMe)

32. SALT LAKE CITY, April 26 — Angelica "Kica" Hernandez, 13, was sitting on a couch in her house in the 1600 West block of Wright Circle doing online schooling with three other children when police say she was shot and killed by her brother. Joseph Michael Landers, 16, was playing with a gun and apparently trying to scare her. He put a clip in the gun, cocked it and pointed the weapon at Kica and had the laser beam on her head when he pulled the trigger, charges state. Police say he texted his mother saying, "Mom, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to Mama." He is charged as an adult with murder. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Recklessness

Scott and Jodi Roberts
Scott and Jodi Roberts (Photo: GoFundMe)

33. NORTH OGDEN, April 27 — Scott Roberts, 65, was shot seven times at his home, 3220 Mountain Road, by his estranged brother, Jeffrey Roberts, of Long Beach, California, shortly after Scott Roberts answered the door. Jeff Roberts then shot and injured his sister-in-law, Jodi Roberts, and set fire to the home. The couple had just been eating dinner. Jeffrey Roberts drove to the house from California, rang the doorbell and casually said, "Hey, what's up?" with his hand in his pocket. Chilling doorbell video shows that less than 30 seconds later and without warning, he shot his brother. He then walked back outside to his van and returned while holding a shotgun in one hand and a bag in the other when he entered the house. Minutes later, he was killed in a shootout with police. Investigators say he had 23 fully loaded handgun magazines, a 12-gauge shotgun with 150 shells, and set the house on fire using road flares. One daughter said her father was a hero for saving her mother: "My mom is alive because my dad fought my uncle and told my mom to run." Method: Shooting Motive: Unknown domestic

Jeffrey Roberts waits for his estranged brother to open the door of his North Ogden home on April 27, 2023, in doorbell video. Seconds later, he shot and killed Scott Roberts without any warning.
Jeffrey Roberts waits for his estranged brother to open the door of his North Ogden home on April 27, 2023, in doorbell video. Seconds later, he shot and killed Scott Roberts without any warning. (Photo: Weber County Attorney's Office)

34. NORTH OGDEN, April 27 — After Jeffrey Roberts, 66, killed his estranged brother from Scott Roberts' front porch and set fire to the home, he engaged in a shootout with police officers who responded to the scene. Police shot and killed Jeffrey Roberts on the sidewalk leading to the doorway. "There were upwards of 30 shots fired at officers on this day," a Weber County Attorney's Office report says. "It is clear from the evidence that Jeff Roberts was trying to kill as many people as possible before being shot himself." Roberts was shot approximately 14 times. Officers Richard Lopez, Dustin Farnsworth and Gabriel Mata were determined to be legally justified in using deadly force. Method: Shooting Motive: Justified self-defense

35. SALT LAKE CITY, April 30 — Oscar Vera, 28, was stabbed outside a nightclub at 32 E. Exchange Place when a large fight broke out among two groups leaving the club. A second person was also stabbed and injured. In May, Julian Eli Lopez, 17, of Midvale, was charged with murder in the June 4, 2022, shootings of two men during a birthday party at an apartment near 2935 S. Whistling Lane. Elijah Isaiah Brown, 23, was killed in that incident. After his arrest, Lopez was also linked to Vera's death and in July was charged with murder for a second time. Investigators say he reengaged with Vera and stabbed him after the initial fight had concluded. Lopez was 16 at the time. Method: Stabbing Alleged motive: Fight.

Erik Alldredge
Erik Alldredge (Photo: Family photo)

36. RICHFIELD, May 2 — Erik Nicholas Alldredge, 15, of Richfield, was killed when the vehicle he was riding in with teen friends rolled. The three teens, ages 14, 15 and 16, were in a Hyundai Sonata that was going too fast on a dirt road when the driver lost control. Alldredge was standing up through the sunroof when the car crashed, pinning him. The 14-year-old driver was charged with manslaughter in juvenile court. In July, he was sentenced to a residential treatment program and 36 hours of community service. Method: Vehicle Motive: Recklessness

Om Moses Gandhi
Om Moses Gandhi (Photo: GoFundMe)

37. SALT LAKE CITY, May 13 — Om Moses Gandhi, 16, was shot and killed by his father, Parth Gandhi, 49, at his neuropsychology clinic, 2936 S. Highland Drive. Parth Gandhi and his wife divorced in 2009 and had been involved in a bitter child custody battle ever since. Leah Moses says she tried to convince the courts for years that her ex-husband was a danger to her children. Parth Gandhi shot and killed himself after killing his son. At the time, Parth Gandhi was under investigation for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman and there were allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior made by a second woman. Method: Shooting Motive: Unknown domestic

Anastasia Stevens
Anastasia Stevens (Photo: Family photo)
Anastasia, Becky and Don Stevens
Anastasia, Becky and Don Stevens (Photo: GoFundMe)

38, 39, 40. LAYTON, May 19 — Anastasia Stevens, 36, her stepmother Becky Stevens, 61, and her father Donald Stevens, 73, were shot to death inside Anastasia Stevens' home at 1832 E. Gentile Street. Jeremy Bailey, 34, Anastasia Stevens' husband, was convicted of three counts of aggravated murder and sentenced to three consecutive terms of life in prison without the possibility of parole. After killing his wife in their bedroom, he then shot his in-laws visiting from Nevada, and then three dogs, Bailey went to Sportsman's Warehouse to buy ammunition and then posted about his actions on his wife's Facebook page before calling police. Investigators say he showed no remorse and asked police if the killings would "hit the news." Neighbors said the parents intended to stay for the summer to help with marriage problems between their daughter and Bailey. Bailey was convicted of three counts of aggravated murder and sentenced to three consecutive life sentences. Method: Shooting Motive: Unknown domestic

41. WEST VALLEY CITY, May 25 — Adrian Hernandez-Rodriguez, 24, was checking on an elderly neighbor near 3200 S. Lehi Drive when a 15-year-old boy in a stolen car rounded a corner while trying to get away from police, lost control of the car, jumped the curb and through two yards before smashing into the porch. The homeowner said his mother was giving food to the victim when he was hit on the porch. Hernandez-Rodriguez would often keep an eye on the woman and take her to church when she needed a ride. The teen was charged in juvenile court with murder. Method: Vehicle Alleged motive: Fleeing

Cody Clayton Myers
Cody Clayton Myers (Photo: TheMemories)

42. SALT LAKE CITY, June 1 — Cody Myers, 40, and a father of six, was stabbed in the chest in the east parking lot of the Glendale Golf Course, 1875 S. Redwood. Todd Jonathan Kingston Jr., 53, is charged with murder. Witnesses say the two men were friends and had been chatting in a car in the parking lot and were later seen arguing outside of the car. The two split and Myer went to the car, but then returned to Kingston and was stabbed, police say. "Before the victim knew he had been stabbed, he hit the defendant on the head with a 5-gallon bucket" before walking back to his car and collapsing, charges say. Method: Stabbing Alleged motive: Fight

Halapaini Latu Moala
Halapaini Latu Moala (Photo: GoFundMe)

43. SALT LAKE CITY, June 4 — Halapaini Latu Moala, 22, was shot in the parking lot outside of the New Yorker Social Club, 60 W. Market Street, where there have been several shootings over a few days. No arrests have been made. Police said they were getting little cooperation from those who witnessed the shooting death. A GoFundMe account described Moala as the oldest boy in his family and provider after his father's 2013 death. Method: Shooting Motive: Unknown

Rodney Salm and Misha Himmelberger
Rodney Salm and Misha Himmelberger (Photo: Family photo)

44, 45. EAGLE MOUNTAIN, June 4 — Rodney Michael Salm, 48, and his girlfriend Misha Himmelberger Morgan, 47, were out for a cruise with other members of a local Porsche club killed when their vehicle was hit by a truck on state Route 73. Peterson Drew Matheson, 30, was driving a Ford F-150 when police say he got involved in a road rage confrontation with the driver of a Maxima. At some point, the truck moved into an emergency lane and rammed the Maxima from the side, then lost control, crossed the center line and crashed head-on into a Porsche 911, police say. Method: Vehicle Motive: Road rage

Brian Dee Simonton
Brian Dee Simonton (Photo: Ogden police)

46. OGDEN, June 6 — Brian Dee Simonton, 37, was shot by police at the Washington Park apartment complex,170 N. Washington Blvd. after they responded on a report that Simonton was violating a protective order. When Simonton was confronted in the parking lot by several officers, he immediately pulled a gun out of his waistband and pointed it at officers who scattered to take cover and ordered him to drop his weapon. Shots were exchanged. One officer suffered a gunshot wound to his arm. A report from the Weber County Attorney's Office states says Simonton shot at three officers and even reloaded his gun after firing at them. "A total of 84 rounds were fired by the responding officers. It is believed that Simonton fired nine times in total. The entire event from where the first gunshot was fired until the last gunshot was fired was approximately 2 minutes and 5 seconds," the report states. Simonton was shot at least 10 times. Eight officers were determined to be legally justified. Method: Shooting Motive: Justified self-defense

Heather Kira Jorgensen Preece
Heather Kira Jorgensen Preece (Photo:

47. HYRUM, Cache County, June 7 — Heather Kira Jorgensen Preece, 37, was shot in her home in an apparent murder-suicide. Her husband, Dustin Preece, 38, was found deceased in another part of the home. The bodies were discovered by the couple's 16-year-old daughter. Method: Shooting Motive: Unknown domestic

Alex Chase Lopez
Alex Chase Lopez (Photo: Lindquist Mortuary)

48. OGDEN, June 13 — Alex Chase Lopez, 23, of Washington Terrace, was shot by Ogden police. Officers responded to a disturbance outside of a bar on 25th Street near 100 East shortly before 1:30 a.m. Callers said an armed man may have been assaulting a woman. Lopez fled in an SUV that police spotted near 700 East and 8th Street. Before officers exited their vehicles, Lopez began firing a handgun at them. Police shot back, killing Lopez. Police say he was on parole and not legally allowed to own a firearm. The Weber County Attorney's Office will determine if the use of deadly force by police was legally justified. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Self-defense

Russell Alan Evans
Russell Alan Evans (Photo: Premier Funeral Services)

49. WEST HAVEN, Weber County, June 28 — Russell Allen Evans, 50, was shot and killed after walking out to his back porch at 4679 W. 4350 South. Evans' brother-in-law Dallas Wade Martineau, 40, is charged with murder. Martineau drove to the house with a gun and went to the backyard "lying in wait" for Evans to come outside to smoke a cigarette, then shot him multiple times, charges state. Deputies arrested Martineau at his Roy home. Method: Shooting Motive: Unknown domestic

50. SALT LAKE CITY, July 3 — Victor Hershberger, 61, was hit and killed while riding a scooter near 1020 W. 1000 North. Robert Boyatt, 53, is charged with murder. Police say Boyatt was driving when he spotted Hershberger, made a U-turn, drove on the wrong side of the street and intentionally hit him, then fled. He was found camping near Grantsville a few days later and arrested. Police said Boyatt had "been on a vengeance spree." Boyatt had recently learned that Hershberger and Boyatt's ex-girlfriend had filed a protective order against him, charges say. Method: Vehicle Alleged motive: Revenge

Steven Stan Kirkman
Steven Stan Kirkman (Photo: Myers Mortuary)

51. ROY, July 7 — Steven Stan Kirkman, 39, was shot by police after allegedly pointing a gun at officers following a three-hour standoff. Police were originally called to the Orchard Cove apartment complex, 1801 W. 4650 South, on a report of an armed suicidal man. After police tried to negotiate with Kirkman for an extended period of time, Kirkman went to his balcony with a shotgun, racked it and then pointed it at the officers below him, according to a Weber County Attorney's Office report. Two officers fired their weapons. Roy police officers Josh Davis and Ken Huckaby were found to be legally justified. Method: Shooting Motive: Justified self-defense

Dominique Vigil
Dominique Vigil (Photo: Family photo)

52. KEARNS, July 21 — Dominique Vigil, 21, was shot and killed in his residence near 5500 South and 4200 West. His girlfriend, Sandra Perez, 21, was arrested for investigation of murder. The couple lived with his mother. She told police she heard "several rounds" of gunfire coming from the bedroom and responded to see her son fall. She said Perez then pointed the gun at her and pulled the trigger but the gun did not fire, a police affidavit says. Perez claimed the two had been arguing about Vigil's infidelity when she grabbed a gun that she said they were both trying to get, then fired three times, police say. No charges have been filed against Perez, but police say the case is still an active investigation. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Fight, domestic

Aria Arnold "Arnie" Clark
Aria Arnold "Arnie" Clark (Photo: Mitchell Funeral Home)

53. CASTLE DALE, Emery County, July 22 — Aria Arnold "Arnie" Clark, 71, was beaten to death in his home. Zachary James Tuttle, 37, of St. George, is charged with murder and accused of getting into a drunken argument and beating Clark to death with a can of chili. Tuttle's 14-year-old son called police to report that his father was severely beating Clark. He said the fight was over Tuttle trying to get his son to drink and Clark was trying to stop him. Tuttle hit his son and threatened to kill him, according to charging documents, then returned to attack Clark. Method: Beating Alleged motive: Fight

Emmaline Marie Mitchell
Emmaline Marie Mitchell (Photo: GoFundMe)

54. LA VERKIN, Washington County, July 24 — Emmaline Marie Mitchell, 2, was taken to St. George Regional Hospital on July 19. She "was unconscious and unresponsive when she was admitted." Doctors discovered that she had "significant trauma to the brain and head," according to police. The child was flown to a Nevada hospital due to the extent of her injuries and she died on July 24. Randy Holt Lessing, 29, the boyfriend of Emmaline's mother, is charged with child abuse homicide. Method: Child abuse Motive: Unknown domestic

Alexis Memengwa Berry
Alexis Memengwa Berry (Photo: Premier Funeral)

55. VINEYARD, July 26 — Alexis Memengwa Berry, 4 months old, suffered "severe" skull fractures and a traumatic brain injury. Her father, Alexzander Sean Berry, 29, of Orem, is charged with aggravated murder. He shook his daughter, struck her on top of the head with a closed fist, squeezed her neck and violently struck the child's head against the corner of the crib and threw her into it, charges say. Myra Jane Megan, 24, of Vineyard, the girl's mother, is charged with aggravated child abuse for allegedly being aware of the abuse but not reporting it. Method: Child abuse Motive: Unknown domestic

Sean Moore
Sean Moore (Photo: Family photo)

56. HURRICANE, Aug. 4 — Sean Moore, 41, of Hurricane, was enjoying a night of karaoke when he was shot and killed by Bryan Edwin Hill, 55, of Hurricane, who was being kicked out of a bar. The shooting happened at the Eagles Lodge, 495 E. 800 North. Witnesses say Hill was being "belligerent and escalating in anger" and Moore was helping escort him out of the business. That's when Hill pulled out a gun and shot Moore. Police located Hill at his home where he was arrested with the help of a SWAT team. Hill pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison. Method: Shooting Motive: Anger

Craig Deleeuw Robertson
Craig Deleeuw Robertson (Photo: Family photo)

57. PROVO, Aug. 9 — Craig Deeluew Robertson, 75, was shot and killed by FBI agents serving an arrest warrant after they say he pointed a .357 revolver at the agents. The FBI attempted to serve a warrant at 6:15 a.m. at Robertson's home, 342 N. 1170 West, just hours before President Joe Biden was scheduled to visit Utah. Robertson had posted numerous hateful and threatening remarks against Biden on several social media platforms, including: "The time is right for a presidential assassination or two. First Joe, then Kamala!!" The arrest warrant was for charges of making interstate threats, making threats against federal law enforcement and making threats against the president. His family, however, said he was in poor health, largely homebound, was a "big storyteller" and not capable of following through with his threats. The Utah County Attorney's Office is reviewing the incident to determine if the shooting was legally justified. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Self-defense

Marcus Garcia
Marcus Garcia (Photo: GoFundMe)

58. WEST VALLEY CITY, Aug. 9 — Marcus Garcia, 36, was shot in the face and found in the road outside a residence near 4200 S. Bluebird Circle. Garcia was confronted by three or four males wearing bandanas who claimed to be looking for his stepson because he owed them money. As the males got back into their vehicle to drive away, Garcia followed to get a license plate number. That's when a shot was fired. Jose Hernandez-Liborio, 17, is charged as an adult with murder. The stepson's ex-girlfriend said her new boyfriend and the stepson had been fighting on the phone earlier and she suggested that the new boyfriend confront him, charges state. The new boyfriend and three boys, including Hernandez-Liborio, went to the house and began to leave when they were told the stepson wasn't home, but Garcia followed and allegedly threw something at the car. That's when the teen exited the car and fired a round, police say. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Anger

59. WEST VALLEY CITY, Aug. 17 — Niusami Auelua, 24, was stabbed multiple times at Scottsdale Park, 3755 W. 3100 South. A 14-year-old boy was later arrested for investigation of murder. Method: Stabbing Alleged motive: Fight

Aaron Lee Zimmerman
Aaron Lee Zimmerman (Photo:

60. KEARNS, Aug. 24 — Aaron Lee Zimmerman, 46, was shot just after midnight in front of his house, 6789 Palm Frond Court, just south of Kearns, by Unified police officers responding to a domestic violence call. It was the second time that night that officers were called to the home. When three officers arrived, Zimmerman was outside and "produced a gun." All three officers fired their weapons, killing Zimmerman. The Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office will decide if the use of deadly force was legally justified. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Self-defense

Lemuel Prion
Lemuel Prion (Photo:

61. MONTICELLO, Aug. 27 — Lemuel Prion, 61, was shot multiple times during a property dispute. Sage Jennings Daves, 22, of Egnar, Colorado, is charged with murder. Daves said Prion was causing problems on the property, threatened to "burn (his) family alive" and then threatened him with a pitchfork when he arrived at the scene to talk to Prion, according to police. He said Prion stabbed the front of his truck and lunged at him with it. Police say Daves shot 17 rounds at Prion, striking him several times. A judge ordered Daves to stand trial, but a justification hearing to argue self-defense is scheduled for May. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Ongoing dispute

Vicente Peralta-Figueroa
Vicente Peralta-Figueroa (Photo: National Gun Violence Memorial)

62. KEARNS, Sept 3 — Vicente Peralta-Figueroa, 25, was found shot in a detached garage of his home at 4057 W. 4990 South. Daniel Lopez-Santiago, 18, is charged with murder. Elmer Areiga Hernandez, 30, who also lived in the home, is charged with obstructing justice. The shooting was the culmination of a fight between Lopez-Santiago and Peralta-Figueroa that started over text messaging about money owed, according to court records. After the shooting, investigators say Lopez-Santiago sold his gun to a neighbor. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Fight

Anetone Simanu
Anetone Simanu (Photo: Dalton-Hoopes)

63. SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 3 — Anetone Simanu, 35, was shot in a parking lot near 128 W. 300 South. Police say Simanu got into a fistfight with Michael Tifi Trevino, 23, of Magna for an unknown reason. The men had never met prior to the confrontation. After the fight was broken up and both men went back to their groups, police say Simanu kept calling out Trevino to fight again. Trevino then "escalated things by producing and using a firearm in what was to be a fistfight," charges say. Trevino was also later charged in connection with another shooting that happened on June 5 near 300 S. Main. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Fight

J'Kye Lovell Ray Watkins
J'Kye Lovell Ray Watkins (Photo: Family photo)

64. SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 10 — J'Kye Lovell Ray Watkins, 18, was shot in a Walgreens parking lot at 909 E. 2100 South. Watkins had gone to a "private event club" nearby with friends but got into a fight with another man. Friends took Watkins out of the club and headed to a nearby McDonald's when a car pulled up. People who had been fighting with Watkins at the club got out and the armed driver said, 'You started this" and the driver and front seat passenger fired at Watkins, charges say. Watkins was shot eight times and 18 shell casings were recovered from the scene. Felix Diego-Rufino, 19, is charged with murder. Police anticipate more arrests. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Revenge

65. WEST VALLEY CITY, Sept. 15 — Brian Torres Hernandez, 21, was shot near 2800 W. 2700 South. Esteban Roberto Galvez, 18, is charged with murder. Galvez's ex-girlfriend had just arrived home from work with Torres, her cousin, when Galvez came running toward them, pointed his gun at the woman, and shot Torres multiple times, according to police. Court documents say there are recorded conversations where Galvez threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend and her family. He allegedly said it "felt good" to kill Torres, leading police to say the killing was done "with malice and with a cold heart." Kimberly Samantha Reyon Munoz is charged with obstruction of justice for allegedly helping Galvez flee the area after the shooting and keeping in contact with him until his arrest. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Domestic revenge

Stacey Lee Gilbert
Stacey Lee Gilbert (Photo: Hullinger Mortuary)

66. ARCADIA, Duchesne County, Sept. 21 — Stacey Gilbert, 57, was shot in the bedroom of her home in Arcadia. Her husband, Brent Nello Gilbert, 65, is charged with murder after he called 911 and allegedly said he had killed his wife. A 12-gauge shotgun found outside the bedroom door that appeared to have blood on it, police say. Three spent casings were also located in the bedroom. Method: Shooting Motive: Unknown domestic

67. HEBER CITY, Sept. 23 — 1-month-old D.O. died after not receiving the supplemental oxygen he needed to survive since birth, and then his body disposed of somewhere in Parleys Canyon, according to police. The boy's full name has not been released. His mother, Estrella Meza Ojeda, 18, is charged with aggravated murder. Investigators believe Ojeda was overwhelmed with trying to care for her newborn while being a single mom and wanted to go back to her lifestyle prior to giving birth and begin a life with her new boyfriend. The baby was born premature but was allowed to go home with Ojeda after 22 days in the ICU. Ojeda was instructed that the baby needed supplemental oxygen and was sent home with tanks and a monitor, police say. She took the baby to the hospital Sept. 1 after he stopped breathing, but detectives said they believe that was an attempt to kill the child. The mother conducted internet searches about how to take a baby's life, how much prison someone would serve for killing a baby and the location of garbage dumps near her, court documents say. Method: Child abuse Alleged motive: Begin new life, domestic

Joseph Potts
Joseph Potts (Photo: Starks Funeral)

68. TAYLORSVILLE, Oct. 5 — Joseph Potts, 34, was shot and killed by Taylorsville police after they say he pointed a rifle at officers during a standoff. Taylorsville police were called to 3852 W. Ridgecrest Drive on a report of an "armed domestic violence incident." Just before officers arrived, a woman was able to flee the home to a neighbor's house unharmed along with her 3-month-old infant. Potts began firing shots from inside the house, with some of them going through the house to the outside. A SWAT team surrounded the house. As officers were attempting to talk to him, he came out "wearing tactical-type gear," pointed a rifle at officers and was shot by police. The Salt Lake County district attorney will determine if the use of deadly force was legally justified. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Self-defense

Dora Powell Webb
Dora Powell Webb (Photo: Wing Mortuary)

69. LEHI, Oct. 6 — Dora Powell Webb, 83, was brutally beaten to death in her Lehi home, 671 N. Locust Lane. Her husband, Ronald J. Morgan, 85, was booked into jail for aggravated murder. He told police he had been frustrated for months until "he just lost it." Morgan is believed to have punched, stomped on, strangled and used objects to strike his wife. He allegedly told detectives "he was exhausted because what he had done wasn't as easy as shooting her." A day after being arrested, Morgan was taken to a hospital for an undisclosed medical condition and died there. Method: Beating Motive: Unknown domestic

Douglas Rodriguez
Douglas Rodriguez (Photo: GoFundMe)

70. SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 8 — Douglas Rodriguez, 21, was a passenger in a vehicle and was killed when it crashed while fleeing from police. Josue Yahir Hernandez-Perez, 20, is charged with manslaughter. Salt Lake police were responding to a report of a shooting at a party when officers spotted a car leaving the area at a high rate of speed. Believing the vehicle may be connected, officers attempted to pull it over. The fleeing car crashed as it tried to speed through a roundabout at 1100 East and 900 South and failed to make a turn. Rodriguez was pronounced dead at the scene. Police say Hernandez-Perez was intoxicated and discount his claims that Rodriguez pushed down on his legs, causing him to speed away. Method: Vehicle Alleged motive: Fleeing

Tyler James McCleve
Tyler James McCleve (Photo: GoFundMe)

71. FAIRFIELD, Utah County, Oct. 11 — Tyler James McCleve, 33, of Pleasant Grove, was shot and killed by Utah County sheriff's deputies. Deputies were originally called to Fairfield by a man who claimed he had shot himself in the leg. When deputies, the man pointed a gun at them. Two deputies ordered the man to drop the gun and when he did not comply, they fired their weapons and hit the man. The shooting occurred on Wells Canyon Road, near the intersection of Manning Canyon Road. The Utah County Attorney's Office will determine if the shooting was legally justified. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Self-defense

Rory Swimm
Rory Swimm (Photo: GoFundMe)

72. SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 13 — Rory Swimm, 23, was shot and killed near 600 East and 200 South about 1:45 a.m. Two 15-year-old boys were arrested for murder. Police say Swimm and his friends had been in an argument with the teens earlier in the evening and the teens had been looking for him. He was shot as he stood on the corner. Friends say he was days away from graduating from a Salt Lake welding program and was preparing to move back to Montana. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Fight

73. SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 26 — Tayvin Troy Brandon, 34, was shot near 2256 S. 1100 East and died after being taken to a hospital. A 46-year-old man suspected of shooting him was questioned and was cooperating, but was not arrested. Police have released no other details and said prosecutors would determine whether the shooting was criminal. The Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office says the incident is still "actively being investigated and reviewed" but declined to release additional information. Method: Shooting Motive: Possible self-defense

Jesus Mateo Puerta Tovar
Jesus Mateo Puerta Tovar (Photo: GoFundMe)

74. WEST VALLEY CITY, Oct. 28 — Jesus Puerta Tovar, 19, went to a Halloween party with friends near 1400 W. Parkway Ave. where they were not invited. Tovar and his friends were asked to leave because one friend and Jhared Ivan Rodriguez disliked each other due to a "beef" over a girl, charges say. But Tovar wanted to stay and a fight eventually broke out between his group and another. Tovar's group left but then returned to get some car keys and the fight resumed, police say. According to different witness accounts, Rodriguez pulled out a gun after being hit by Tovar, while other witnesses said Tovar made a disparaging remark about Rodriguez's girlfriend. Rodriguez, 20, is charged with murder, accused of shooting Tovar twice from behind. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Fight

Mark Cory Brunson
Mark Cory Brunson (Photo: Memorial Mortuaries)

75. COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Oct. 31 — Mark Brunson, 38, was shot and killed by police after they say he refused to drop two swords he was holding. The incident began when Unified police responded to a domestic violence call at a home in Midvale near Fort Union Boulevard and 200 East. As officers were arriving, they spotted Brunson leaving the home. A short police pursuit ended just over a mile away in Cottonwood Heights cul-de-sac, Creekcove Circle. According to police, Brunson got out of his car and brandished two 2-foot swords at Unified and Cottonwood Heights officers. A Unified police officer fired two shots as Brunson appeared to move toward officers, killing him. The Salt Lake County District Attorney will determine if the shooting was legally justified. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Self-defense

Zachary Carson
Zachary Carson (Photo: Starks Funeral Parlor)

76. WEST BOUNTIFUL, Nov. 3 — Zachary Todd Carson, 50, was shot multiple times in the parking lot of Lowe's, 350 N. 545 West in West Bountiful. Jake Thomas Jackson, 31, is charged with 20 felony crimes including murder. Police say Jackson had placed a tracking device on his estranged wife's car and found it at the home improvement store late at night. Jackson is accused of waiting in the parking lot for hours until Carson dropped off the woman at her car early in the morning. As she was walking toward her car, Jackson angrily confronted her and then shot Carson in the chest when he tried to intervene, according to police. Charges say he then shot Carson in the back 17 more times. The estranged wife was able to get in her car and drive away. Jackson was located several hours later near Moab where he was arrested following a lengthy standoff. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Jealousy, domestic

77. OGDEN, Nov. 5 — Matias Yosino, 19, was shot and killed by police outside a home at 258 N. Eccles Ave. after pointing a realistic looking gun at officers. Yosino ignored several commands by officers to drop his weapon. A woman at the house said an intoxicated Yosino told her if she called the police he would "handle it himself and take himself out when the officers came to the house," Ogden's police chief said. Police had responded to the same home in 2021 on a similar incident when Yosino fired a shot inside the house, threatened family members and claimed he wanted to commit "suicide by cop." The Weber County Attorney's Office will determine if the police shooting was legally justified. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Self-defense

Donald Wayne Ball
Donald Wayne Ball (Photo: Memorial Mortuaries)

78. KAMAS, Nov. 9 — Donald Wayne Ball, 41, was shot and killed by a Summit County sheriff's deputy after allegedly advancing on the deputy while holding a large blunt object. Ball had a warrant out for his arrest for a probation violation. When a deputy spotted his vehicle, he refused to pull over. The final confrontation happened after Ball crashed on Bench Creek Road in a rural area of Wasatch County outside of Kamas. Ball was a former U.S. Marine who in 2008 was one of five former guards for the private security contractor Blackwater Worldwide accused of killing 14 unarmed Iraqis and wounding 20 others in September 2007 in Baghdad. The charges against Ball were later dismissed. Since then, Ball had been arrested and convicted in Utah after exhibiting paranoia behavior, cutting wires to a broadcast tower that serviced Summit and Wasatch counties while claiming the government was out to get him using radio waves. The shooting is being investigated by a multi-agency task force led by the Utah Attorney General's Office. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Self-defense

79. SANDY, Nov. 8 — A 16-year-old boy was shot and killed by a Sandy police officer. The boy's name has not been released. Police had been following a minivan stolen from a U.S. Army recruiting station when the driver tried to elude officers and hit a motorcyclist near 9000 S. Monroe Street, critically injuring the rider. Police continued to follow, and the boy drove down a nearby dead-end street. As he tried to exit the street, he was confronted by the officers who were following him. In body camera video, a Sandy police officer with his gun drawn quickly says, "Get on the ground" as the minivan approaches him — a command the driver likely could not hear — before immediately shooting at the vehicle, and continuing to shoot as it drove by him. At least eight shots were fired. Police said the teenage driver "veered" toward the officer. Body camera videos show the van make a slight movement toward the officer, but then drive away as the officer opens fire. The Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office will determine whether the police shooting was legally justified. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Self-defense

80. OGDEN, Nov. 12 — Trinity Fromm, 21, was shot multiple times. Ricardo Caballero, 19, is charged with aggravated murder. Caballero and his brother had gone to the 700 block of 30th Street for a pre-arranged fight. Caballero said more people showed up than expected and after his brother and the other man started fighting, Fromm started walking toward them, apparently in an attempt to help the other man. Caballero pulled out a 9 mm handgun and fired several shots toward the two men even though none of them had threatened to use a weapon or deadly force, according to police. Caballero's brother was also shot and Caballero called police while taking him to a hospital. At the shooting scene, police found Fromm dead with several shots to the torso. Later, the man who Caballero's brother was originally fighting showed up at a hospital with a gunshot wound to his hip, according to police. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Fight

Joseph Dean Black
Joseph Dean Black (Photo: Ever Loved)

81. MAGNA, Nov. 15 — Joseph Black, 48, was shot and killed by Unified police outside of his house. The string of events began just after midnight when 911 dispatchers began receiving multiple reports of shots fired in the area of 3300 S. 7615 West. Callers reported that a man was walking around the neighborhood and randomly shooting a rifle in the air. After officers spotted him, Black walked into a house and came back out a short time later with a woman. At that point, police did not know the woman was his daughter or that he lived at the house. Black again fired his rifle and the woman immediately dropped to the ground. Believing the woman had just been shot, officers opened fire on Black. The Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office will make a determination whether the police shooting was legally justified. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Self-defense

Michael Mayer
Michael Mayer (Photo: Springville police)

82. SPRINGVILLE, Nov. 18 — Michael Mayer, 23, was shot after just getting out of his car about 3 a.m. at an apartment complex at 216 S. 100 West. Family members say he had just gotten off work when he was approached by a man in the parking lot. Three people in an apartment at the complex were detained and questioned following a lengthy police standoff. One woman was arrested. She initially told detectives another man who was in her apartment shot Mayer because Mayer owed the man money, but later said he did not shoot him and didn't know what happened." No arrests have been made for the killing. Method: Shooting Motive: Unknown

Jacob Hess
Jacob Hess (Photo: Russon Mortuary)

83. BOUNTIFUL, Nov. 24 — Jacob Hess, 20, of North Salt Lake, was shot in a Bountiful home while he and two high school friends were preparing to go target shooting. Dylan Francis Goodin, 21, is charged with manslaughter. One friend told police Goodin and Hess were sitting on a bed in Goodin's basement bedroom when Goodin picked up a gun and appeared to be clearing it, then pulled the trigger while pointing the weapon at Hess, charges state. Goodin, who told police it was an accident, was treated for a gunshot wound to his hand. Investigators believe the shot went through his hand and hit Hess. Police say drugs were also found in the bedroom. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Recklessness

Ian Anzer
Ian Anzer (Photo: Family photo)

84. SANDY, Dec. 1 — Ian Anzer, 45, was shot and killed by the U.S. Marshals' Violent Fugitive Apprehension Strike Team inside a senior living center where his mother resided. Agents had been looking for Anzer, a wanted fugitive, and found him at Silver Pines Senior Community, 735 E. 11000 South. Family members say he had been staying at his elderly mother's apartment although he had been banned from the property. His mother was in the room when he was shot, but family members say she was not being harmed and they do not believe she was in danger. According to Anzer's brother, agents banged on the door and Anzer said they couldn't enter without a warrant, but agents said they were going to break down the door because it was a hostage situation. After breaking the door, agents shot Anzer three times, the brother said, adding, "He allegedly was going for a kitchen knife." The Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office will determine whether the police shooting was legally justified. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Self-defense

Emily Carrington Thomas
Emily Carrington Thomas (Photo: The Obituary App)

85. MORGAN, Dec. 7 — Emily Carrington Thomas, 44, of Kaysville, was found dead inside a car in Morgan County of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Deputies discovered Anthony Paul Franklin, 41, of Ogden, still sitting in the passenger seat and two guns were at his feet. He is charged with manslaughter and accused of supplying the gun Thomas used. Police say Thomas and Franklin had agreed to a suicide pact, but Franklin did not go through with it. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Suicide pact, domestic

Aleister Samuel Kunzler
Aleister Samuel Kunzler (Photo: GoFundMe)

86. ROY, Dec. 21 — Aleister Samuel Kunzler, 2, was beaten while being watched by a man with a previous history of child abuse. The boy's twin sister was also injured but survived. Jonathan Allen Dunn, 36, is charged with aggravated murder and aggravated sex abuse of a child. Dunn, a friend of the victims' parents, was babysitting the children near 1950 W. 4450 South in Roy and said he was playing a game with them. Police say he repeatedly punched, pinched and threw them. The next morning, Dunn noticed Aleister had stopped breathing and died at a hospital. Dunn admitted he lost control and his anger got the best of him, according to police. Method: Beating Alleged motive: Anger

Marcus Andrew Norman
Marcus Andrew Norman (Photo: GoFundMe)

87. PAYSON, Dec. 22 — Marcus Norman, 33, was attacked with a hatchet attack that left him with multiple cuts to his head. Jordan Poole, 26, is charged with aggravated murder and attempted murder. The attacks happened at Poole's home, 522 S. Peteetneet Blvd. Norman had just arrived home at the downstairs apartment and was playing video games when he was attacked. Poole's brother said he heard Norman yell, "What the hell," then Poole also kicked in the brother's door and started to attack him with the hatchet, charges state. When questioned, Poole claimed he saw a "flash of light, then voices told him he needed to take care of 'them,' according to police. Poole allegedly said he knew what he needed to do so he grabbed a hatchet and started swinging. Family members say the attacks were unprovoked. Method: Assault by hatchet Motive: Unknown domestic

88. TAYLORSVILLE, Dec. 28 — Nicholas James Wallwork, 66, died after being injected with a fatal dose of heroin. Police were called to an apartment near 4260 South and 850 West on a report of a man not breathing and discovered Wallwork was dead. Kimberly Ann Wallwork, 55, Nicholas' niece, was arrested for investigation of manslaughter. She said she had been providing care for her uncle, who suffered from dementia, for five years and she injected him with several doses of heroin that morning to "ease his pain," according to police. Police say she told officers she uses heroin daily. No formal criminal charges have been filed in the case. Method: Drugs Motive: Unknown domestic

David Joseph Hinkebein
David Joseph Hinkebein (Photo:

89. SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 29 — David Hinkebein, 65, was found badly beaten inside a storage shed on Jan. 3. But police believe he may have been dead since Dec. 29. The victim was the manager of A Place For Your Stuff, 502 W. 300 South. Nathan David Evans, 41, who police say is homeless, is charged with murder and abuse of a dead body. A hammer and bloody clothing were found next to the man's body. An autopsy found at least 15 injuries consistent with hammer blows and at least three sharp force injuries to the neck that occurred after Hinkebein was dead, court documents say. A driver told police he recalled Evans being angry and claiming he was going to a warehouse to "kill a guy down there by bashing his head in" because that guy "messed with his stuff" and he didn't like the way he was being treated, charges state. Method: Beating Alleged motive: Retaliation

Laka Girah and Mojtaba Ahmadi
Laka Girah and Mojtaba Ahmadi (Photo: National Conservative on X)

90, 91. MURRAY, Dec. 30 — Laka Girah, 18, and Mojtaba Ahmadi, 42, were shot in the parking lot of the Brickgate at Fireclay apartment complex, 162 W. 4490 South, over what began as an argument over a parking stall. Sobeth Noge Koki, 19, of Millcreek, is charged with murder. Two brothers returned home to find another car in their parking space. They started honking their horn, hoping someone would move the car. After 20 minutes, they called their dad, Ahmadi, to come help and also called a tow truck. Police say Koki, who had a handgun, and Girah, who had an AR-15 in his pants, and a third man arrived. A fight ensued and Girah and Koki began hitting one of the brothers while Ahmadi tried to pull the men off his son as the son and Kokii wrestled over the AR-15, charges say. After a brief verbal exchange, Koki is accused of shooting Ahmadi three times and Ahmadi died at the scene. Koki and Girah ran from the area, but Girah was also shot during the confrontation and later died at a hospital, police say. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Fight

Jeremy Robert Martin
Jeremy Robert Martin (Photo: Larkin Mortuary)

92. SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 30 — Jeremy Robert Martin, 45, was shot in the chest while standing in a driveway at 1089 W. Wenco Circle while arguing with two other people. Police say two women got into a car and drove off. Vanessa Nicole Johnson, 32, is charged with murder. The second woman said she heard a loud noise and say Johnson holding a gun in her hand, charges say. Johnson allegedly threw the gun into the car and told the woman to drive because Johnson had been sprayed with pepper spray and couldn't see. Investigators have not said where the pepper spray came from or what their relationship or argument was about. Method: Shooting Alleged motive: Fight

93. NAPLES, Uintah County, Dec. 31 — Police believe Patricia Bingham, 72, was shot by her son at a residential care facility in Naples before the son was found dead. The body of Mark Ryan Bingham, 42, was discovered inside a Vernal home by police and firefighters responding to a report of a fire at the home. Shortly after the fire, Bingham's body was discovered. Method: Shooting Motive: Unknown domestic

Robin Whittle
Robin Whittle (Photo: Iron Springs Elementary)

94, PAROWAN, Dec. 31 — First-grade teacher Robin Whittle, 62, was rushed to hospital in critical condition on Dec. 30 after she was found unresponsive on her bed in her Parowan home, 488 W. Old Highway 91, by her husband. Doctors said she suffered from massive head trauma, including multiple skull fractures. The husband said they were up late writing church talks and he went to sleep on a couch while she went to the bedroom and he discovered her injuries the next morning. Her death is being treated as an aggravated murder investigation. No arrests have been made. Method: Head trauma Motive: Unknown

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