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A luxury vacation home with 3.99% interest-only financing? Believe it

A luxury vacation home with 3.99% interest-only financing? Believe it

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Have you met the Joneses? Of course you have, they're everywhere. They're your neighbors or friends who seem to have it all. Their homes are decorated perfectly, always on trend with the latest and greatest. Their kids are the captains of every team, have the perfect ACT scores, and win all the National Scholar awards. The Joneses even have that little designer dog, perfectly bred to not bark, shed, or poop.

But worst of all, the Joneses are always on vacation. They post on social media about it constantly, or just talk about it when you happen to run into them. Meanwhile, you're neck-deep in your non-genetically modified dog, who does poop, and you're not on vacation. No fair.

You need a vacation. Better yet, you need a lot of vacations, and Ember has the perfect solution for that: luxury vacation homes. The Joneses, bless their hearts, spend way too much money staying in fancy hotels, whereas with Ember, you don't waste your money paying some landlord's mortgage by renting, you buy your very own vacation home - well at least a portion of it.

So how does it work? Each Ember home is divided into eight equal parts, with each owner getting 6+ weeks for each 1/8th share they purchase. Owners looking for more time can buy more of the home, with each owner only paying a fraction of the cost that corresponds to their ownership. Voila. Vacation home granted.

But isn't that just a timeshare?

No, Ember isn't a timeshare. If you and seven of your buddies go in together and purchase a home in Bear Lake, is that a timeshare? No. Why? Because you didn't have to listen to a 90–minute presentation from Sharon, and because you actually own the property (with timeshares, you generally only buy the right to use someone else's property).

With Ember, you co-own the property in an LLC with up to seven other owners, and once all eight shares are sold, you can sell your portion at any time, capturing any appreciation in the property value. Keep in mind, you don't actually know the other owners, nor do you have to recruit any friends to buy in with you. Ember knows vacation homes can sometimes be more enjoyable when you aren't co-owning a home with your mother-in-law.

A luxury vacation home with 3.99% interest-only financing? Believe it

Who takes care of the house when you aren't there?

Ember's innovative approach to vacation homeownership promises a five-star experience from start to finish—free from hassle and stress. Each home is professionally designed and furnished so you can simply show up and start relaxing. A 24-hour property concierge is available for any issues that may arise. Need a few extra home supplies? Did you lock yourself out… again? The on-call concierge will be there in minutes, sort of like a personal Butler (pretty sure the Joneses don't have a Butler). Ember manages the entire property, making sure the home is always clean, the linens are washed, the lawn is mowed, and the pool is sparkling.

A luxury vacation home with 3.99% interest-only financing? Believe it

Make memories while you're there, rent it out when you're not

Ember understands that plans change. Six weeks might be just enough in a given year and too much the next. With select "Ember Flex" homes, owners can rent out their time when they won't be at the home – to potentially offset the costs of ownership – and not worry about the home sitting vacant. Too bad the Joneses haven't thought of that. Plus, when you're not there making memories, the home is making you money. Win win.

It's time to out-Jones the Joneses. With Ember, you're ensuring you actually take those vacations, while not paying costly rental fees. And, for a limited time, Ember is offering 3.99% interest-only financing on select properties. Life is short; build memories and build equity in a home. Start by browsing our available properties and find the perfect vacation home for you. Ember has amazing properties in St. George, Park City, Newport Beach, and more. Then talk with an Ember advisor to get all your questions answered and finalize your purchase. From there, it's all about making memories that you'll cherish forever with the people you love, with or without the Joneses, but probably without.

Ember Advisors are available for call or chat from 7 a.m.-11 p.m. Mountain Time. Visit the Ember website or call 1-800-366-6891.

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