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Are you an unaffiliated voter? Here’s how you can vote in Utah’s presidential primaries

By Carter Williams, | Posted - Jan. 31, 2020 at 2:31 p.m.

SALT LAKE CITY — All eyes may be on Iowa as it prepares for its presidential caucus, which kicks off a series of similar caucuses and primaries across the country.

Utah’s presidential primary elections won’t be until March 3, when the Beehive State joins 13 other states, as well as two other U.S. territories holding primary events that day on what is known as Super Tuesday. It’s the first time Utah is participating on Super Tuesday after a bill passed during the 2019 legislative session amended the state's presidential elections schedule.

That bill also funded presidential primary elections across the state, shifting away from the caucus system. In 2016, the two main parties held caucuses, where Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders won.

As Super Tuesday slowly approaches this year, elections officials are reaching out to unaffiliated voters who may not be eligible to vote in the primary. For example, voters in Salt Lake County received a letter and an email telling them what they need to do to vote in the presidential primaries.

So if you’re an unaffiliated voter, how can you participate in the presidential primaries?

First off, people can’t vote in both elections. The Republican Party doesn’t allow anyone outside of the party affiliation in its presidential primary, while the Democratic Party does.

To vote in the Republican primary, voters must switch their party affiliation by the end of Monday — a month before the election.

Anyone hoping to vote in the Democratic Party’s primary must register to vote by Feb. 25. Those who aren’t party members must ask their county clerk for a ballot by that date, as well.

Utahns can register to vote or change their registration by going online to the state's elections website or by visiting their county clerk office by Feb. 25. You can also mail a registration form to your county clerk’s office, but all mail requests must be postmarked by Monday to be valid, according to the state’s website.

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