Great Clips of the Week: Former Ute finds a unique way to get his coach's attention

By Ryan Miller, | Posted - Sep. 23, 2019 at 11:00 a.m.

GETTING COACH’S ATTENTION — Yes, highlight plays are fun.

But what about a player accidentally injuring his own coach? Or an offensive guru thoughtfully opining over who would win a hypothetical mascot melee? Those are pretty fun, too.

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That’s one way to ask for more playing time ...

If Pete Carroll had his way, the story would be different.

The Seattle Seahawks head coach would be saying he head-butted a player following a passionate pregame speech — or something like that at least. But, alas, there’s video evidence of why Carroll had three strips of sports tape on his nose during Sunday's game.

The reason: He ran right into a pass thrown by none other than former Brighton High and Utah linebacker Cody Barton.

Barton has earned plenty of attention due to his play in training camp and on the field during his young NFL career with the Seahawks; he got his coach’s attention in a different way Sunday.

The video of the incident shows Carroll running right through the path of Barton’s pass and the ball smacking his face.

“So many things happened in this game that just hurt ourselves. Even the coach got hurt in this one,” Carroll quipped following the game.

He later said that he wished cameras wouldn’t have picked it up because he would have made up a good tale behind his marked face.

“It would have been a really good story, that I head-butted Bobby (Wagner) in pregame, getting fired up in the locker room,” Carroll said. “But I heard that they captured it on film. I just got smacked in the nose with the football the last play of warmups. I didn’t see it coming.”

Fortunately for Barton, that wasn’t his only notable play on Sunday. The rookie also had his first NFL fumble recovery.

The Pac-12 Battle Royale

“First of all, what kind of mythical powers does a Sun Devil have?”

That was how Washington State coach (not to mention BYU graduate) Mike Leach began his answer in his weekly press conference last week.

The question: Which Pac-12 mascot would win in a fight?

The loose-lipped Leach didn’t waste his chance to opine on the matter. He went down the list of mascots and wondered aloud how they’d hold up in the battle royale.

USC’s Trojan? “Does he have a horse or is he on foot?”

Stanford’s Tree? “I imagine that tree is going to get chopped down.”

What about the Bears of Cal and Bruins of UCLA? Both formidable contenders.

Oregon’s Duck? “The duck might lose interest and just fly away and get out of there, which may be good advice under the circumstances.”

The Husky and Wildcat? Easily dismissed.

The Beaver? “Well see how long that beaver can hold his breath.”

The Ute? “Did he trade for a rifle? Because If that Ute has a rifle there’s some definite problems.”

Leach conceded to the “Harry Potter activists” to know what to do with a Sun Devil before saying the Buffalo would be “pretty hard to tangle with.”

As for the winner, he went with the Cougar (big shock there).

“There’s no question, the Coug will find a way,” Leach said.

It was the Bruins, however, that ended up finding a way on the football field Saturday night — or early Sunday morning, depending on where you were watching.

In a game that was so crazy that it made a hypothetical mascot battle royale seem kind of plausible, UCLA overcame a massive second-half deficit, a record-setting performance from WSU’s Anthony Gordon (nine touchdown passes!) to somehow, someway beat the Cougars 67-63.

Gunny doesn’t feel the cold

There wasn’t a lot to feel warm and cuddly about for Utah Royals fans on Saturday. The team played poorly — losing 3-0 to North Carolina — and the temperature was pretty chilly.

But midfielder Gunny Jónsdóttir kept one fan warm for at least a little bit.

During the pregame national anthem, the Iceland native took off her jacket and wrapped it around the young girl who had accompanied Jónsdóttir onto the pitch.

“I’m from Iceland,” Jónsdóttir tweeted. “I'm used to the cold. She needed the jacket more (than) I did.”

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