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Carole Van Hook

Misdelivered homecoming invite lands on the doorstep of 72-year-old Utah woman

By Marjorie Cortez, KSL | Posted - Sep 17th, 2019 @ 10:07am

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HOLLADAY — Act fast, Damian J. The cookies are crumbling on your dance invitation.

Sadly, you delivered it to the wrong house Thursday night.

Instead of your intended, you dropped the invite — and a dozen Crumbl cookies — at the condominium of 72-year-old “Grandma Terry.”

“The doorbell rang and she went to get it. There was the invitation and cookies. But you know how they do, they ring the doorbell and run. So they were gone,” said Carole Van Hook, Grandma Terry’s neighbor.

Van Hook posted the ordeal on the neighborhood app NextDoor in hopes that someone would recognize the boy’s name or the distinctive invitation written on hot pink poster board that says simply, “I’d Crumbl if you said NO.”

“Somebody spent a lot of money on a dozen Crumbl cookies and is going to have a broken heart,” Van Hook said.

The thread blew up on NextDoor, with more than 100 people in Holladay and Millcreek taking part in the conversation over the weekend. Some posters volunteered to contact schools and check directories for a Damian J.

“I figure there’s a girl with a broken heart and a guy with a broken heart,” Van Hook said of her efforts.

One poster insisted that Damian “is honor-bound by his invitation and mustn’t disappoint Grandma Terry. To the dress shop she must go.”

Turns out she did go dress shopping Monday, Van Hook said, but it was to buy a new dress for her brother’s funeral.

Still, the search for Damian remains active with Van Hook telephoning Olympus and Skyline high schools Monday to ask them to page Damian J over their public address systems so she could set things straight. She figured that would be simple enough.

We’re going to eat those cookies if no one claims them. They’re wonderful cookies.

“It’s not like his name is Bob or John or Jim,” she said.

But that didn’t work either.

According to Van Hook’s latest post, she and Grandma Terry are giving Damian J one more day to reclaim the invitation before indulging in the cookies themselves.

“We’re going to eat those cookies if no one claims them. They’re wonderful cookies. Crumbl makes the best cookies,” she said, complimenting the young man’s good taste.

And Grandma Terry? She’s a single lady, and she has a new dress, Van Hook teased.

“I told her, ‘Terry you met half of the requirements, You went to the dress shop.’”

How about it, Damian J?


Marjorie Cortez

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