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The ultimate guide of things to do in Park City

By | Posted - May 31st, 2019 @ 9:00pm

Bring your bucket list, and your other bucket list, and a bucket, and your gratitude journal, because there’s more to do in Park City than Oprah could tell you to do during “Living your best life” week. Sure, there’s skiing and snowboarding, but that’s just the beginning. There’s gold under the snow in them there hills — pure, 24-karat activity gold. (And silver — Park City started as a mining town.) Remember to thank the mountain for its bounty.

1) Deer Valley Resort

The slopes at this iconic resort are just as epic in the summer as they are in winter—and just as steep. Ski a black diamond in December, then hike it, bike it or horseback ride it in August. Take a dip in the pool or try to stay dry on a paddleboard, then towel off, grab a picnic basket, and watch one of Deer Valley’s summer concerts as the sun smolders low.

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2) Utah Olympic Park

You were this close to making the real Olympics, but this is not the end of your story. Live out your wintry shoulda-coulda-wouldas summer-style at the Utah Olympic Park, home to the Salt Lake City games in 2002 and now home to your meteoric athletic rise. Unleash your inner Evil Knievel on the park’s ropes course and ziplines, test our your stuntman skills on the airbag jump or extreme tubing hill, or go for the gold on the summer bobsled run. Don’t forget to bring a brass band to play the national anthem for you.

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3) High West Distillery

Head to the hills and let some inhibitions down at High West’s Park City distillery. Visit the tasting room for a sip of spirits, then pick up some in-house knowledge on one of the site’s educational tours. When you’re good and educated, sample from the tasting room again, then try to explain the finer points of what you’ve just learned.

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4) Alpine Coaster and Slide

Feel like hurdling pell-mell down a mountain on a narrow track? We thought so! Take a sled ride down the Alpine Slide’s hundreds of yards of concrete track, or try the elevated Alpine Coaster and let your hair fly. (What is it with this town and finding new ways to fling people down mountains?)

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5) Egyptian Theater

The Egyptian Theater isn’t one to brag, but Why yes, it was designed with the assistance of a trained Egyptologist after the discovery of King Tut’s tomb, and You’re absolutely right, it was the host of the first ever Sundance Film Festival. But you don’t have to be Indiana Jones to enjoy the many musical events, theatrical debuts and films hosted by the theater — and in fact, please leave everything right where you found it.

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6) Park City Museum

Park City wasn’t always the chic ski town it is today. Learn the whole sordid and spectacular history of the town at the Park City Museum, where you can explore a mine replica, learn how silver is made, delve into the history of radical labor unions, and ride an antique ski subway. You know, like you’ve always meant to do?

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7) Main Street

Main Street might be dying, but nobody told Park City. Its bustling central corridor is home to 100 clothing boutiques, 50 eateries, two ski resorts, and one celebrity every five minutes. Okay, we made that last one up, but still, where else can you get ice cream, a drink and a chairlift ride on the same block?

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8) Woodward Park City

Want to sled down the hill but not walk up it? Look no further than Woodward Park City (formerly Gorgoza Park), where chairlifts take you to the mountaintop and your only job is to get down in one piece. The 125-acre campus, which is set to open in November 2019, will offer much more than just tubing though. Additions include snowboarding and skiing, biking trails, skateparks, plus a 52,000-square-foot indoor training facility with a concrete skatepark, trampolines, foam pits and more.

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9) Tanger Outlets

Forget extreme sports! Let’s talk extreme shopping. After you’ve knocked yourself (and your budget) out at the Main Street boutiques, rack up some savings at Tanger Outlets, where the style is high but the prices are low.

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10) Park City Mountain Resort

Photo courtesy of Park City Mountain Resort /Douglas Barnes

Park City Mountain Resort is the Swiss Alps of Utah without all the hassle of customs. This high-alpine hotspot is always bumping with farmers markets, outdoor concerts and extreme rides in the summer, and snowboarding, skiing and hot-cocoa-sipping in winter. Because fun knows no season.

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