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Have You Seen This? Utah student known as 'biggest Jazz fan' surprised with playoff tickets

By Mary Dalrymple, | Posted - May 7th, 2018 @ 1:15pm

EAGLE MOUNTAIN — If you were a Utah Jazz fan as a kid, you probably remember that feeling of wanting nothing more than the opportunity to go to a playoff game.

For one Eagle Mountain middle schooler, that dream came true last week when the Brighton a Day foundation showed up at his school.

Husten, a student at Frontier Middle School, is known to his family and classmates as the "biggest Jazz fan ever." He wears a Jazz jersey at school every day and is always excited to talk about his favorite team. But Husten's not just a great Jazz fan. He's also a great friend.

So when Brighton a Day posted on its Facebook page that it was looking for someone who deserved to win tickets to Game 3, several people nominated Husten.

"Husten is always happy, is a friend to everyone, and loves to “Brighton” everyone’s day by talking about the Jazz and Donovan Mitchell," one person wrote. "Husten would go nuts to be able to go to a playoff game and we think no one deserves it more!"

On Friday, Brighton a Day surprised Husten by showing up at his school to let him know that he, unfortunately, wasn't the winner of the Jazz tickets, but he was going to get to go to Game 3 anyway.

In this video, the individuals from Brighton a Day ask the Frontier Middle School students if they know of anyone who is a big Jazz fan. The crowd cheers and points at Husten, and he runs up on stage in his Jazz jersey, bouncing with excitement.

When he finds out he didn't win the tickets, Husten is clearly disappointed, but not for long. The Brighton a Day people read some of the nice things that were said about Husten, and then ask the students if they think Husten deserves to go to the game. The students erupt in cheers in support of their classmate, and Husten finds out that the organization decided to buy him tickets for Game 3 after all.

The video is great, and I think you'll enjoy it even if you're not a basketball fan. Husten's pure joy at the chance to go to the Jazz game is absolutely infectious, and the fact that all his classmates seem just as thrilled for him is awesome.

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