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6 simple habits to blast belly fat

By Josh Smith for Green Tea HP | Posted - Apr 9th, 2015 @ 2:31pm

Belly fat is an important barometer for health. Health experts use belly fat, or central obesity, as a surrogate measure to gauge risk of chronic diseases. The belly fat we’re referring to here isn’t the kind you can pinch or see, it’s wrapped around the organs deep in your abdomen.

Belly fat releases hormones and chemicals which can wreak havoc on the surrounding organs. Here are six habits that will help blast stubborn belly fat and not only improve your health, but trim your waistline as well.

1. Ditch diet sodas

Zero calories does not mean zero consequences. Researchers from the University of Texas followed diet soda drinkers for nine years to understand the consequences diet soda has on belly fat. Individuals who drank one or more diet sodas per day had a waist circumference three times larger than those who did not drink diet soda. Ditch the diet sodas (and regular sodas) already!

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2. Eliminate coffee and substitute for green tea

A common compound found in coffee, chlorogenic acid, may contribute to belly fat. One simple change is to swap your coffee for the fat burning power of green tea.

The Journal of Nutrition explains that the antioxidants from green tea not only boost metabolism but help burn belly fat by stimulating abdominal fat cells to release their energy. Combined with a 25-minute session of exercise, the right amount of green tea helps burn more abdominal fat than exercise alone.

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3. Three balanced meals

Evidence from a 2014 article in the Journal of Hepatology showed individuals who ate six times per day had higher triglyceride and blood sugar levels than those who ate three balanced meals.

People who eat six times per day tend to eat more sugar, fat and more total calories. Blast belly fat by cutting out the extra sugars and fats from snacks.

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4. Go nutty

Dietary fats, such as trans-saturated fats, can be dangerous to our health — but there are good fats that actually promote health and reduce belly fat.

The bad fats found in baked goods and red meat can turn on certain genes that increase the storage of abdominal fat. The healthy fats found in walnuts and almonds send signals to burn fat and improve insulin metabolism. Add a handful of walnuts or almonds three times a day to trim your waistline.

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5. Bean-eficial

Most of us know that beans are healthy. But did you know that beans can melt visceral body fat? According to Dr. Hairston, head of a research team at Wake Forest Medical Center, for every 10 gram increase in beans, belly fat reduced by 3.7 percent in a five year study.

The soluble fiber from beans eaten every day help you feel full without filling out. Add a half cup of beans to one of your meals each day to reap the rewards.

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6. Indulge in dark chocolate

Yes, you read correctly. Treating yourself to the right amount of dark chocolate can actually help shrink your waistline. We all need a good chocolate fix and swapping regular chocolate for a smaller portion of dark chocolate can satisfy and stimulate metabolism.

Believe it or not dark chocolate contains antioxidants which promote a smaller waistline. According to a study published by the US National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health, participants who ate dark chocolate twice per day showed a reduction in waist circumference.

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Now is the time to take control of your health by making small adjustments to your daily routine that could make a big difference in your long term health.

Josh Smith for Green Tea HP

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