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5 instances where driving in the car feels like Star Wars

By Young Automotive Group | Posted - Jun 8th, 2015 @ 9:00pm

If you’ve ever worn a wookie costume or daydreamed about Princess Leia (likely in a gold bikini), you’re likely a Star Wars fan. Don’t worry; you’re in great company. In fact, over the past 30-something years of pop-culture popularity (and obsession), George Lucas’ epic franchise has earned more than $20 billion, according to Forbes.

There’s no reason to leave your Jedi heritage behind now that you’re all grown up. In fact, you can channel your inner Star Wars nerd every time you get behind the wheel of your car. Think that’s impossible? Maybe you’re not recognizing all the “Star Wars moments” you have on the road.

“Flying” at light speed

Did you ever watch Star Wars and wish you could travel at the speed of light? (Dumb question; who didn’t?) Well, you may not make it from Ogden to Provo in less than a second, but you can certainly feel like you’re at light speed thanks to Utah’s white winters.

Just think about it: a dark night, sideways snow shooting past your window and the eerie glow of the winter sky ahead. It’s more Star Wars than even Disneyland could manufacture.

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Pod racing

What’s the best part about pod racing? Well, aside from the obvious (who doesn’t want to race a hovercraft?), pod racing comes with the kind of sound track that can really excite your inner nerd.

Channeling a pod race on the freeway isn’t so far-fetched when you think about the multitude of odd noises you hear along the commute. Revving engines, explosive motorcycles zipping by, blaring sounds of bass-heavy music and squealing tires may just transport you to a whole new galaxy.

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Receiving wisdom-filled holograms

Ever wish you could hold an entire Jedi council meeting via hologram? There was something so space-age about Leia’s virtual “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi” message, but you can get the hologram experience yourself — right in the driver’s seat.

Skeptical? Consider the space-age cool factor of today’s head-up displays. Without taking your eyes off the road, you’ll get all the information you need — projected right in front of you. Now that’s some counsel you can get behind.

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Calling your personal Yoda

Ever wish you could call a wise old Jedi master for direction? Well, it may not be wrinkled and green (probably a good thing), but your smartphone — paired with your car’s Bluetooth connection — lets you call for help wherever you happen to be on the road. Need directions? Want to check traffic? Ready to call a friend? Your wishes are just a voice command away.

Try this, you must.

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Darting through asteroid fields

If your favorite scene in "The Empire Strikes Back" involves an asteroid field and a certain Millennium Falcon, you’re in luck; your car can give you the same level of excitement (but hopefully not the same degree of danger or damage).

The city streets can transform into an asteroid field of their own in a spring hailstorm — not to mention the flying debris you might face on a bad day on Interstate 15.

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Even though your car isn't a Pod Racer or X-Wing, that doesn't mean it can't be exciting. When you need something that can give you the features you want, Young Automotive Group has the forces to make it happen.

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