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Beck Hansen

Provo teen hopes to meet namesake, singer Beck Hansen

By Faith Heaton Jolley | Posted - Aug 14th, 2014 @ 3:29pm

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PROVO — A 16-year-old Provo girl hopes to meet her namesake, Beck Hansen, at his concert Thursday evening in Salt Lake City.

Beck Hansen said her parents loved the music of singer Beck Hansen, and with her mother’s maiden name as Beck, they thought it was a perfect name for their daughter.

“They’ve always been very big alternate music fans, Indie music fans and I kind of grew up with that,” Hansen said. “And it was really cool being named after such an amazing singer and someone who brought so much good music into our lives.”

Hansen said when she heard that the singer would be participating in the Twilight Concert Series, she “knew she wanted to meet him and tell him she was named after him.”

“It was actually a big joke in my family that I wasn’t going to die until I met Beck Hansen and told him who I was named after,” she said. “It wasn’t until recently that we realized it could actually be done and that I should try and make it happen.”

Hansen said her sister decided to post a photo of her on Instagram Wednesday to try and spread the word and increase her chances of meeting Beck. The photo has since been shared on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #BeckMeetBeck.

“I thought it would be a really fun thing to do and then it started being reposted,” she said. “We never thought this much would happen.”

Hansen said she plans to attend the Thursday night concert with her dad and brother in the hopes of meeting Beck. She said she’s not sure how she’ll react if she does meet him.

“I think I might just burst into tears,” she said. “I have no idea what’s going to happen if I do. I think at this point it’s really the thought that counts. I’m so grateful for all these people that are trying to help me.”


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