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AnnaLisa Watson

Woods Cross woman pleads for help in finding wedding ring

By Faith Heaton Jolley | Posted - Apr 9th, 2014 @ 9:03pm

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WOODS CROSS — A Woods Cross woman is asking for the public's help in locating her wedding ring, which she believes was stolen.

AnnaLisa Watson, 33, said she went tanning Sunday at the Planet Fitness near her home. Though she rarely takes the ring off, she did this time so she would not get a tan line for her sister's wedding. Watson said she placed the ring on a stool in the tanning room, and then forgot to put it back on when she left.

"I went home and was doing things; and then when I washed my hands, I realized my ring wasn't there," she said.

She immediately called the gym to see if any employees had found her ring. Workers searched the room and questioned several of the people who had tanned after her, but they never located the ring.

"It had to have been stolen," Watson said.

She and her husband called the Bountiful Police Department and filed a report. Bountiful police detective Carl Hadley said he checked the statewide database for pawn shops to flag the wedding ring and give out the description.

Watson is devastated since losing the ring. She and her husband were married in May 2013, and she's had the ring for less than a year.

“We finally found each other and we are like that fairy tale everything, and then I have to do something stupid like (leave my ring),” Watson said. “It’s just one of those stupid things that I wished I could take back."

Watson said the ring has four small diamonds in the center, although pictures make it appear like one large diamond. She has insurance for the ring, but said it won't cover the cost to replace it.

Hadley said there are currently no leads on the case.

"The best advice is to be careful leaving your belongings when going into a gym or facility and make sure you retrieve everything before you leave," he said.

Anyone with information about the ring can contact the Bountiful Police Department at 801-298-6008 or send an email to


Faith Heaton Jolley

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