BondView Releases Free Historical Municipal Bond Pricing Data Just in Time for Tax Season

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BondView Releases Free Historical Municipal Bond Pricing Data Just in

Time for Tax Season

NEW YORK, April 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- BondView (,

the leading investor resource for municipal bond information, has made

available free historical pricing information for all 1.8 million

municipal bonds.  This information is being released just in time for

tax season, so that retail investors, accountants and financial

advisors can more easily obtain historical muni bond prices.

BondView has quickly become the world's leading free website for

accurate municipal bond information and is used daily by thousands

of individual retail investors and their advisors. Leading users

include Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, Fidelity, MetLife, Price

Waterhouse, Harvard University, the Securities & Exchange Commission

and the US Department of Treasury.

Why Are Free Historical Bond Prices Hard To Find?

While the average investor can easily find historical stock prices,

investors often become frustrated when searching for historical muni

bond prices.

The difficulty in finding historical pricing information is

because most bonds trade infrequently. Typically less than 1.5% of all

municipal bonds trade on a given day making it nearly impossible for

an investor to find a timely historical trade as a reference point to

then determine an accurate price.

Robert Kane, CEO of BondView, said "Accountants, estate planners and

trust departments need accurate historical bond prices going back many

years  for tax purposes."

Steve McLaughlin, Portfolio Manager, at Granite Springs Asset


( said,

"BondView addresses a major obstacle in our market which is fair

pricing and liquidity measurement. There are over 50,000 issuers of

municipal bonds, 1.8 million outstanding cusips and on most days no

more than 1.5 percent of the outstanding bonds trade."

For those bonds that don't trade frequently, BondView's algorithmic

model provides estimated prices by reviewing the trading of similar

bonds by features including coupon, maturity, sector, rating, state

and tax treatment.

BondView's pricing algorithms are calculated based on Financial

Accounting Standards Board guidelines (Topic 820 formerly known as FAS

157) and have been back tested across an extensive repository of

municipal bond data. The result is dependable pricing.

"Up until a few years ago, you just had the traditional well

established companies that supplied pricing matrixes to the industry.

A new independent unbiased firm that provides a new set of eyes using

different methodology is a welcomed addition," said McLaughlin.

BondView will also soon release its new real-time early warning system

to monitor investors' bond portfolios. This new service tracks bonds

and alerts users to significant changes in estimated price, yield,

spread, defaults and bond maturity. The early warning system helps

investors and their advisors make more informed decisions. BondView

offers free professional level features to all investors including

Stress Testing, Gain/Loss Harvesting, Portfolio Report Cards and

Portfolio Analysis tools.

About Us - BondView ( is a leading advocate for

market transparency and our mission is to promote smart, informed

decision making by municipal bond investors and their advisors.

CONTACT: Lisa Hendrickson? BondView, LLC? 866.261.9533  Email

Read more news from BondView.


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