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Child angry about Oreos calls 911

By | Posted - Mar 20th, 2014 @ 9:20am

BOX ELDER COUNTY — A 911 call about a domestic situation turned out to be no emergency but the work of a disgruntled child.

Box Elder County emergency dispatchers received a call from a 7-year-old boy last month describing a domestic violence situation.

"Cathy is throwing stuff at my face and I almost died, and she threw a knife at me," he said.

“Who threw the knife?” the dispatcher asked.

The child answered, “Cathy.”

“How old is Cathy? Is she your sister?” the dispatcher asked.

“No, she’s my birth mom,” the child responded.

“OK, I’ve got an officer that’s going to come and talk to you, OK?” the dispatcher said.

When officers arrived at the home in Honeyville, they found no evidence of abuse. Instead they discovered the boy had called police because his mother wouldn't give him any more Oreo cookies.

Police said they had a long talk with the boy and explained the purpose of 911.

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