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Transportation causes 57 percent of pollution in Utah, study says

By Nadine Wimmer | Posted - Jan 23rd, 2014 @ 8:15pm

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SALT LAKE CITY — A report released today by the Utah Foundation analyzes the trends and science behind our bad air.

"Everything we do almost is emitting particulates in the air or at least gases that turn into particulates and so it all bad," said Utah Foundation representative, Shawn Tiegen.

People all contribute to air pollution probably more than they realize. And many Utahns have a different perception of what causes the most pollution.

Large industrial sources create only about 11 percent of the pollution but many Utahns think it is three times that amount. And we also underestimate how much pollution is caused by homes and business — but the real number is 32 percent.

Transportation causes 57 percent of the pollution in Utah.

"The things we can do that are easy to refrain from idling or postponing trips on bad air days or trip chaining," Tiegen said.

Nadine Wimmer

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