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VIDEO: Comparing the skills of the Inifiniti and the Jeep Wrangler

By Brian Champagne | Posted - Dec 1st, 2012 @ 11:54am

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SALT LAKE CITY — The JX35 Infiniti gives a beeping sound to warn people when the vehicle is reversing. It is being to the basic gate and the rest of the Wrangler Unlimited Jeep.

Both vehicles are classified as small SUVs, but $17,000 and totally different approaches to driving separate the two. And you can tell a lot about someone by which they prefer.

The JX voice navigation adds a theatre package. The Wrangler also uses a navigation system.

The Jeep has a bigger engine, making more power, but worse mpg. But the Infiniti runs on premium, so it costs almost four bucks more a tank to fill up.

So are you more of a dual sunroof type, or do you prefer a removeable roof?

When it comes to parking, the JX has cameras and sensors that monitor all around the vehicle, but with its visibility, you need it. The Jeep wouldn't give you any of that stuff, but in many cases, you don't need it.

That's enough psycho-analysis for now. Let's climb a hill. And watch a video.


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