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Replacing your iPhone? 4 ways to get rid of the old one

By Celeste Rosenlof | Posted - Sep 20th, 2012 @ 3:22pm

SALT LAKE CITY — If you're thinking of purchasing the new iPhone 5, don't let it sit around and collect dust until you throw it out. There are several ways to give the old phone new life.

Sell it

"That's the great thing about Apple products is they hold their value really well," said Christina Warren, with "So there are a ton of websites that are buying back older iPhones."

Warren recommends for a convenient way to get some cash for a phone. The site sends a mailer for the phone and upon inspection, sends a check or deposits money into a PayPal account of the former owner.

EBay, Amazon, and KSL Classifieds are also options for those who are more hands-on.

For a local option, Cell Again, located in many malls throughout Salt Lake City will pay cash on the spot for used cell phones.


Through its recycling program, Apple will recycle your old iPhone, as well as other Apple products and PCs. If the device has any monetary value, they will send you an Apple gift card for that amount.


If you don't think your device is worth anything and you're looking for a local option, Sandy City Public Works will accept e-waste from Salt Lake Valley residents Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Waste from businesses, however, is not accepted. Other e-waste recycling services can be found at


Any thrift store will accept old phones, but other organizations like the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence,Cell Phones for Soldiers, and even many cell phone providers accept discarded cell phones for various causes.

Be sure to erase any information in your phone before donating it.

Give to a family member

Whether you add the phone to a family plan or just keep it for use with WiFi and utilize services like Google Voice, you can continue getting use out of the old phone.

"If you don't have the card in it, you can still use the WiFi," Warren said.

Contributing: Lynda Baquero, NBC News

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