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Water Weeks

Water Weeks

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KSL Newsradio would like to invite you to be a part of "Water Weeks." During these weeks, you will get tips and information on water conservation. Now is the time for Utahan's to get involved! Listen to and join the Green House Show this Saturday Aug 11th to learn some great water conservation tips and to enter to win a Grand Prize which includes a Water Metering System, Staker & Parson Gift Certificate, $500 gift card to the Garden Lodge and more! The Grand Prize will be given out Aug 18th on the Green House Show at The Garden Lodge (12723 So. Park Avenue in Riverton).

Watering Tips
- Don't water in the middle of a hot day. Watering when it's cooler allows water to penetrate into the root. zone where it can be helpful to the plant. A good rule-of-thumb is to not water between the hours of 9am and 7pm.

  • Water deeply. Deep soak your lawn's root zone where the water won't evaporate as quickly and will do the most good for the plant. By using a soil probe (or even a screwdriver), you can determine if your soil is moist in the root zone, and if you need to water. If it's moist, don't water!
  • Don't over water. Excess watering means that fertilizers and pesticides will move out of the root zone of the plant, rendering them ineffective. What's worse, is that those toxins can penetrate into the groundwater, impacting water quality and increasing the environmental burden.
  • Avoid watering on windy or rainy days. If it's windy, wait a day. If it's rainy, wait a day. Don't water in adverse weather.
  • Put soup cans out on your lawn and determine how much time it takes to put 1 inch of water on the ground.
  • Avoid watering the entire lawn for the few brown or dry patches.

    Water-Saving Tips

  • Turn the water off when you brush your teeth.
  • Don't use the toilet as a trashcan. Flushing facial tissues, dental floss, and Q-tips is not a good way to dispose of these items. Aside from wasting water, plumbing and sewers aren't necessarily equipped to handle foreign objects.
  • Plug the sink when washing your hands and/or face. Try to limit your showers to 5 minutes or less. Limiting your shower time can save a lot of money, as well as make everyone in your family just a little happier.
  • Take baths that are only 1/2 full. What do you need so much water for, anyway! Scuba Diving?
  • Keep a pitcher of drinking water in the fridge. That way, you won't have to leave the tap running to get a cool, refreshing drink of water!
  • Make sure the dishwasher and washing machine are full before running them. Not only will this save water, but it will help save energy as well!

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