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Chief Wade Carpenter and Officer Phil Kirk, Park City

   |  Posted May 14th, 2018 @ 3:20pm



The following was submitted by Jill Olson.

"I nominate park city PD. All of them are SERIOUSLY the BEST most AMAZING go above and beyond officers I have ever met! It started in 2010 I had just moved to a new town I didn't know my way around! I was 8 months pregnant that November trying to get my sick 4-year-old son to the doctor I was so focused on how sick he was that I forgot I needed gas I broke down in the middle of a busy intersection. Then here comes a cop asks if I'm okay. He helps push my car to safety and could've left me there, but then asks if I have a gas can. I say no he said hold tight I'll be right back. He then comes back with a gas can full of gas and puts it in my car. All I had in my wallet was $20 I try and give it to him to thank him and he won't take it just tells me to have a good day! Ugh talk about melt my heart!

I loved park city police from that day on and still do! Just a few short months later that same son I was trying to get to the doctor that day would tragically be taken from me at the age of 4 following a car accident:( I will never forget getting pushed in my wheelchair going to see my son for the first time at his viewing and there standing in uniform next to his casket were my 2 favorite park city police the chief Wade Carpenter and Phil Kirk. I cried my eyes out!

This department seriously has gone above and beyond for me, for my family and for my sweet Gage. They seriously deserve the biggest award, the biggest thank you, the biggest recognition. They are the best and I could not be more grateful or thankful they are my friends. I am truly lucky to know them! Thank you SO much park city police for all you do and have done for me it means so much!"

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