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Head of Chilean church's anti-abuse panel resigns

By The Associated Press  |  Posted May 26th, 2018 @ 1:24pm



SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — The president of the Chilean Catholic Church's Commission for the Prevention of Abuses has resigned after acknowledging he was slow to investigate allegations of misconduct in his diocese.

The church's Episcopal Conference announced Saturday it had accepted the resignation by Rancagua Bishop Alejandro Goic. He remains bishop of the diocese.

Its statement says that "difficulties that have occurred in the diocese he leads have made this determination necessary."

Fourteen priests in Goic's diocense have been temporarily suspended over the past week.

A week ago, Goic apologized for failing to promptly investigate a reported case of sexual abuse in his diocese. Every bishop in the South American country has offered to resign over what Pope Francis said was their negligence in protecting children.

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