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14 Unique baby names that can only be from Utah

14 Unique baby names that can only be from Utah

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It's no secret that Utahns have a passion for creative baby names.

Unique monikers are so embedded in Utah's culture that there's even a widespread meme about the phenomenon. And if you've seen internet content creator Jane Williamson's "Utah Mom" skits, you're familiar with her satirical daughter named Chickenleigh.

So, what's behind all the unique names? Well, for starters, more kids mean more names! Utah has one of the highest fertility rates in the nation, according to the CDC. That simply means more babies being born per capita.

Utahns place a strong focus on families, and many parents want their children to stand out with a special name.

Here are 14 baby names that just scream "Utah."


Logan isn't a name that's exclusive to Utah, but its popularity here may be a nod to the Northern Utah city of the same name. There's something rugged yet approachable about Logan that recalls the scenic landscape of the Cache Valley. According to the Social Security database, Logan was the 29th most popular baby boy name in Utah in 2021.


Maverick is also gaining traction across the country but is especially trendy in Utah right now. Evoking the cowboy spirit of the Wild West — and perhaps a dash of Top Gun fandom — Maverick is a fitting name for a rough-and-tumble little boy. It ranked 26th in popularity for the state of Utah in 2021.


Why waste energy with three letters when just one can do the job? Utah parents are forgoing extra consonants in favor of a simple x. Jaxon was the 76th most popular boy name of the 2021 rankings, while a more traditionally-spelled "Jackson" was 11th on the list.


The popularity of this name can only be attributed to current New Orleans Saints player and former BYU football sensation Taysom Hill. In his seven seasons, reports Hill has been listed as a quarterback, wide receiver, and tight end — earning him the nickname "Human Swiss Army Knife."

14 Unique baby names that can only be from Utah
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Continuing with the sports heroes theme, Stockton is a uniquely Utah name due to the lingering popularity of Hall of Fame Jazz guard John Stockton. It seems that the all-time NBA assists leader still has a place in the heart of Utah dads when it comes to naming their sons.


The name Hyrum comes from the biblical "Hiram" and was moderately popular throughout the United States in the 1800s. However, its popularity steadily declined in the rest of the country while remaining high in Utah. Whether the name's success is owed to the famous early Latter-Day Saint Hyrum Smith, we'll never know — but little Hyrums continue to be born each year in Utah.


Names with the "Mck" sound are wildly popular for both baby boys and girls in Utah. Think Mackenzie, McCall, McKay (plus dozens of alternative spellings). McKay is a well-liked unisex name in the Beehive state. According to, McKay is phenomenally unique to Utah — a full 80% of all McKays in America were born here!


You didn't think we'd forget Book of Mormon names, did you? The high percentage of Church of Jesus Christ members in the state results in a few persistent names that come from scriptural figures.

In a recent article for BYU University Communications, Christie Allen writes, "Utahns are unique for naming children after Book of Mormon figures like Nephi or Jarom, although that trend rose through the 80s and 90s and has since declined." Although Ammon hasn't cracked the Social Security's top 100 names database, you've probably met or heard of a few Ammons.


Aspen has been a continual mainstay in the top 100 names for girls, most recently landing at 59th on the 2021 list. Evoking the beautiful trees that line Utah's mountainsides, Aspen is a great choice for nature-loving parents who want a strong yet graceful name for a baby girl. And, just to add a little Utah flavor, Aspyn is a popular alternative spelling.


One of the biggest trends for Utah girl names are those ending in the "ee" sound. (Scottie, Stevie, Paisley, and Oakley are all gaining steam in recent years.)

A 2022 Deseret News article sums up BYU linguistic professor David Eddington's study on Utah names. According to Eddington's research, three of the top five uniquely Utah names were variations of Oakley, including Oaklee and Oaklie. In the 2021 Social Security database rankings, Oakley came in at 34th.

14 Unique baby names that can only be from Utah
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Ember is a distinctive name that's starting to sneak up the baby name lists. But once again, Utah is leading the trend for this up-and-coming name. According to, you're more likely to meet an Ember here than in any other state. There are 3.38 Embers out of every 100,000 Utahns.


The 1990s brought an absolute flood of "Mc" names to the world, courtesy of Utah parents. McKell, McCall, and Mikelle were all runaway hits that never quite made it out of Utah. McKell and McCall were the other two names rounding out the top five Utah names in BYU linguistic professor David Eddington's research.


Coming in at number 62 on the 2021 rankings, Eden is especially popular in the Beehive State. The trends have clearly shown that Utahns, more than in other states, enjoy names that have a biblical or scriptural origin. The name website asserts that Eden is particularly popular in Utah, with one out of every 1,054 women sharing the name.


Believe it or not, Afton is the clear winner out of all the most "Utah-ish" names. This is because its relative popularity in the state is so much higher than outside of it. In simple terms, Afton is much more likely to be used in Utah than anywhere else.

According to's research, "Since 1910 there have been 60 times more Aftons per capita born in Utah than in the [rest of the] United States." Afton peaked in popularity at #11 in 1914 but has made a comeback in recent years.

While others poke fun at Utah names, there's no denying the originality that often paves the way for trends that spread across the country!

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