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A comprehensive DNA test may be free for you, and the information in your test could save your life

A comprehensive DNA test may be free for you, and the information in your test could save your life


Have you put off getting a DNA test because it is too expensive or too limited?

If your DNA test is for medical purposes, it could be covered by your HSA/FSA, or maybe even your regular health insurance. True DNA Story is all about health. Other DNA tests focus on many genetic factors (ethnicity, physical characteristics, etc.) with some health-related factors. Your True DNA Story test covers many major conditions and could be free—as in no out-of-pocket expenses other than your HSA/FSA money. See your benefits administrator and/or tax advisor about IRS Pub 969. For a copy, see the True DNA Story website (

With a simple cheek swab test, you can now discover your genetic predisposition for more than140 clinical conditions such as 28+ different cancers, heart and lung conditions, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Diabetes Type I and II, auto-immune disorders, psychological issues, allergies—and your HSA/FSA may cover the cost.

What if I don't have an HSA/FSA?

Some health insurance plans may cover the cost of DNA testing if you get a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) from a medical provider. Most DNA tests ordered by doctors are very focused, which is why having another option can really help you take control of your health. They can also be quite expensive when ordered through your doctor.

Some direct-to-consumer tests, such as True DNA Story, can cover multiple conditions and may give your doctor more information for better treatment options. For more information check out True DNA Story.

Many scientists recommend DNA tests

As DNA science has evolved, it has become a valuable tool for targeted treatment and precision medicine. Joel C. Eissenberg's published article in Missouri Medicine recommends DNA testing for individuals. He says, "Direct-to-consumer marketing of personal DNA sequence information uncouples the generation of personal health-related data from the physician-patient relationship."

Thorough DNA testing has proven to be a key means for preventive treatment and precision medicine. And since your core DNA never really changes, you only need this once over your lifetime.

An increasing number of recognized medical and scientific experts recommend DNA testing for everyone. Among them are Bekim Sadikovic PhD, MD, Program Head, London Health Sciences; and Alex Iarkov, PhD, Research Scientist, Universidad San Sebastian, Santiago, Chile.

Carol Isaacson, CEO of American Wellness and Rehabilitation Clinic in Murray, Utah said, "We like to look at the True DNA Story reports so we know what specific preventative measures to recommend. Standard preventative measures that work for one patient, may not be effective for the next patient because all of us have unique DNA."

These, and many other, scientific and medical experts recommend True DNA Story DNA testing and clinical quality reports.

At True DNA Story, the newest information available is posted regularly so you can access all the cutting-edge developments.

A comprehensive DNA test may be free for you, and the information in your test could save your life
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What is the difference between DNA testing companies?

True DNA Story says they challenge anyone to compare the level and depth of their tests to any other. They claim to cover more conditions (140+), analyzing every gene and every genetic variant (difference) for each of these conditions, up to 30 million variants. Yes, 30,000,000. Their goal is to give you your complete story.

The special promotional price will continue until the end of June 2021. On the 1st of July the normal retail price returns.

Will my DNA Test become outdated with new scientific discoveries?

DNA science is constantly evolving and new discoveries are made all the time. Because they analyze and store every variant, for them it is a simple report re-run instead of having to do full lab work and run through the entire process all over again to find something new.

Reports kept up-to-date at no cost

True DNA Story promises to re-run all reports, at no cost, as improvements indicate new information may be available for you. This keeps you updated with the most current information available.

Beat fear with hope

The unknown always causes fear. So does the information that you can't use. True DNA Story's goal is to help you beat fear with hope with complete, usable, and easy-to-understand DNA reports, at an incredible price. The promotional price of $299.95 for ALL of the reports offered is set to expire at the end of June 2021.

Use the coupon code KSL20 for an additional $20 off the already low promotional price until July 1st. After that the discount will be off the regular price.

Now is the best time to order and save at

All of the documents referenced in this article are available on the TrueDNAStory website.

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