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Now, We’ve Got Homework

Now, We’ve Got Homework

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I love the TV show “Lost.” I can’t explain why. I think it’s because I was sucked into it from the first season, and now I’m desperately waiting for some sort of answers as to what is going on.

That said, I do like where the story went this year. We’re starting to find out more about the island. We know it’s has some sort of portal into a time wormhole. We know the Dharma Initiative was funded by The Hanso Foundation and then funding was stopped in the late 1980’s. We know they conducted experiments into social engineering, and magnetism. We know the founder of the Hanso Foundation, Alvar Hanso, now questions the ethics of his colleagues in the foundation.

The problem is, we didn’t get this information from the show.

If you watched the finale of “Lost,” you saw a film showing the beginning of an experiment with a time-traveling rabbit. However, you didn’t get to see it all because they didn’t show the entire film. If you want to see what really happened, you’ve got to go to youtube. Here’s a link:

Now, you have to look up what the Casimir Effect is.

That’s not the only research you have to do to watch this show. It’s almost like you need special recording equipment or hire a translator just to get all the information you can from this series.

In the finale, Kate had a dream where she got a phone call. But, whoever spoke on the phone spoke in reverse. So, you can only hear what was said if you record the phone call, then play it backwards. I don’t know about you, but, I don’t think my DVR has that option. Here’s a link to that phone call in reverse:

Plus, there are scenes where people speak in Russian and you don’t see any subtitles, unless you go on youtube.

Then you have to look up websites for The Hanso Foundation, , then you have to right click on the picture of Alvar Hanso, then hit rewind, then he tells you something like, “I have the virus and I have the will,” saying humanity needs him and you’ve taken a battle…….


I have an idea. Why not put this information in the actual show somewhere. Traditionally, that’s where the plotlines of television shows are normally placed… in the show.

I didn’t know I was going to have to put in hours of study just to follow this story. It’s like I’m doing my doctoral thesis on this program.

Maybe The Hanso Foundation could put their scientists and the quantum physicists and all the rest of their brilliant minds together to explain what the writers of this show are trying to convey. Put it in Cliffs Notes or something.


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