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Motherhood celebrated in new documentary

By Amanda Taylor | Posted - May 10th, 2014 @ 9:01am

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SALT LAKE CITY — This year marks the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day, the national holiday declared by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914. But mothers have been impacting society for much, much longer.

“The Power of Mothers” is a new documentary that takes a scientific, emotional and economic look at motherhood and the impact of mothers around the world.

“It's packed with world leaders who recognize the importance and the value of motherhood all over the world,” executive producer Shelly Locke said.

Locke is the founder of the Power of Mothers, a charity and humanitarian organization that enables moms to help other moms on a global scale. In her film, she travels to Spain, Israel, Russia, England and Nigeria to paint a worldwide picture of motherhood.

“What the power of mothers is, which is love and influence, Locke said, “we tried really hard to represent the whole world.”

While shooting in Nigeria, the crew’s visit was perfectly timed to the Lagado Dam deluge — when two countries opened their floodgates on local villages after record rainfalls. “The Power of Mothers” crew was equipped with newborn kits, blankets and mosquito netting that they were able to deliver as they worked on the film.

“While we were there, we were protected by a four-man machine gun squad — our families and our filming team,” Locke said. “It's been a tremendous adventure to make this film. There are incredible stories from every country we were in.”

The film features economists, demographers and scientists who use data to discuss the importance of motherhood. But the film’s trailer is designed to appeal to the emotions.

“Young women don't hear anything good about motherhood, they only hear about how hard it is,” Locke said. “The trailer paints a picture of young mothers embracing motherhood and saying how much they love and enjoy it.”

With such a blend of logic and emotion, local and far-flung sources, the documentary should appeal to everyone.

“It's for every mother, of every faith, in every kind of situation,” Locke said. “We honor motherhood in all its glory.”


Amanda Taylor

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