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Utah company to help power Super Bowl security

By Ashley Kewish | Posted - Jan 24th, 2014 @ 9:59pm

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AMERICAN FORK — Utah doesn’t have a football team headed to the Super Bowl, but a Utah-based company will play a key role in lighting and security.

Power Innovations Inc. is a tech company in American Fork that specializes in uninterruptable power sources. It basically ensures that the lights will never go out in a building or venue.

At first glance, Power Innovations seems like any other tech company with its servers humming, but then you see an arsenal of vehicles. Right in the middle is its crown jewel.

“Our AMES division: Advanced Mobile Enforcement and Safety,” said Bob Buckner of Power Innovations. “Scene lighting, surveillance, advanced communication and auxiliary power.”

It’s basically a power company on wheels.

“We knew we had technology that could help in natural disasters, so we put some feelers out to get in touch with police departments back East,” said Rob Mount, Power Innovations’ chief technical officer.

One of those departments contacted them and bought all this. But it wasn’t for a natural disaster, it was for the biggest game of the year.

“We’re pretty excited. Obviously the Super Bowl is a great place to platform to present yourself,” Mount said.

At the last Super Bowl, a blackout in the middle of the game stalled play for nearly a half hour.

“We’ve got lights outside that are 80,000 lumens. That’s enough to actually light a football field,” Buckner said.

However, the main role of this unit will be to make sure everything outside the stadium goes smoothly, particularly with the needs of law enforcement.

“If power fails, they can still talk to each other,” Mount said. “They will be independent of any hiccups or events that could go wrong.”

And if there is an emergency, the first responders and other personnel will be able to monitor the area in up to a 2.5 mile diameter, Buckner said.

The cost for one of Power Innovation’s units starts at $150,000.

Super Bowl XLVIII between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos will take place Sunday, Feb. 2, in New Jersey.


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