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NOTE: As of 3/30/20, due to a marked increase in comment submissions related to current events, we have temporarily changed comment limits.

For the time being, users will be allowed:

  • One comment (parent - 1st level) and one reply per article.

This change will allow our comment moderators to better focus on maintaining civil and thoughtful commentary on the comment boards.

At this time, we encourage you to find comments that you agree with, and instead of posting a similar comment, make use of the “Thumbs Up” vote. If you feel your position isn’t represented, please feel free to comment.

In addition, during these challenging times we ask that you be more kind, thoughtful, and patient in your postings and replies. We understand there are many divisive topics where there will be disagreement. We only ask that you find a way to express your point of view in a way that is not threatening or toxic to others. We are all in this together.

- The comment moderator team comment boards are a forum for thoughtful commentary and civil dialogue intended to enlighten your fellow readers with additional insight or counterpoints.

We encourage your thoughtful comments which:

  • Have a positive and constructive tone
  • Are on topic, clear and to-the-point
  • Are civil and respectful toward others and their opinions

A quick list of things that will get your comment rejected:

  • Off-topic comments. Comments need to tie directly to the attached article, so please keep them relevant. We are especially strict with this in regards to hot-button and sensitive topics. Often a reply will meet all of our guidelines, but will be deleted because the comment deviates too far from the article topic.
  • Hate speech, offensive or obscene language
  • Personal attacks or name calling towards any other commenter, person, or groups of people. Personal attacks against KSL personnel — including comment moderators — will not be tolerated.
  • Speculation on crime, accident, or tragedy articles.
  • Victim blaming or insensitive comments on crime, accident, or tragedy-related articles.
  • Information not contained in the story on crime, accident, or tragedy-related articles. If you have information that you feel is critical to a story, please contact the reporter assigned to the story.
  • Posting content you didn’t create without proper attribution.
  • ALL CAPS shouting
  • Unsubstantial comments (“ditto”, “I agree” etc)
  • Commercial promotion or solicitation

All comments are reviewed by moderators before they are posted. Our moderators work hard to ensure a civil atmosphere and increase the quality of dialogue. Moderation is subjective, but our moderators do their best to quickly and efficiently make consistent decisions. All moderation decisions are final. We are not able to restore rejected comments or respond to requests asking for explanations as to why a comment was rejected. Comments are moderated every day between the hours of 6 a.m. - 11 p.m. weekdays and 7 a.m. - 11 p.m. weekends MT. Comments posted after the closing times will remain in queue until the next day. We appreciate your patience.

Additional guidelines and rules:

  • Users are allowed one comment (parent - 1st level) and two replies per article. @replies in parent comments (1st level) will be rejected.
  • Complaining about comment policies and moderation of comments is considered off topic and will result in your comment being rejected. Comments and questions regarding comment board procedures can be sent via our contact form here(select "website comments").
  • On divisive topics, please find a way to express your point of view in a way that is not threatening or toxic to others.
  • Links to outside URLs are discouraged and will delay the posting of your comment. Comments with email addresses, links to personal blogs, websites or Facebook accounts are also discouraged and will generally be rejected. does not endorse the content of external web sites and has no liability as to their content. We reserve the right to remove any external link.
  • Please do not submit charity donation information (as in the case of individual tragedies). Those who would like to request for charitable donation information to be posted to the news article can do so filling out this form.
  • If you see an objectionable comment, please click the "Report abuse" button that follows each comment posted on the site.
  • All comment boards are closed to comment posting 24 hours after the last story update.
  • reserves the right to reject or remove comments that do not conform to these criteria or for any other reason.


Haven't you ever heard of freedom of speech? That's censorship!

Commenting on is a privilege. As a private entity, reserves the right to determine what we see fit to post on our comment boards, much like the editorial decisions newspapers make in picking which “Letters to the Editor” to publish. Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms are available to publish your comments should they not meet guidelines. A great article on free speech and the 1st Amendment can be found here.

What if I spot an error in a story?

Comments regarding story errors — whether grammatical, typographical or factual — should be sent to the reporter who submitted the story (email link to reporter is near their bio at the bottom of the story) or via the "contact us" form. The moderation staff has no control over editorial content.

What name is displayed with my comment?

Each comment will include your username. If you have not picked a username, it will display your first name and last initial. No other information is displayed to other users outside of that.

Can I edit my comment?

Currently we do not offer the option to edit your comment.

I had a comment rejected. Can I try again on the same comment board?

At this time, you are only able to post one comment (parent - 1st level) and two replies. If one of your comments is rejected, it counts against your total. For example: If you have a parent comment rejected, you will be unable to post another parent comment on the same board.

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