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Air Pressure and Storms

Air Pressure and Storms

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I don't understand how air pressure tells us a storm is coming. Can you explain that process to me. Thanks, Jean **********************************************************

It's not as hard as one would think really! Generally, areas of low pressure bring stormy weather. The whole deal with low pressure is the air is rising, when air rises it cools and condenses and makes clouds and rain. So when low pressure is coming, clouds or sometimes inclement weather is on the way.

All you need to know then, or one of the things you need to know, is how do you know when the pressure is lowering? You must have access to a barometer and you can get that data for free online or use one in your house. If you're really ambitious you can make a home made one with some baloons and a jar. Or if your joints bother you when the pressure lowers, you can use your own body as a barometer!

When the pressure is lowering, usually 'worse' weather is on the way. This means the barometer numbers are decreasing, lowering. So the numbers would just drop.

High pressure brings calm weather, we have a lot of this in Utah. With high pressure the air is actually sinking or preventing vertical motion (clouds!). The barometer will rise or begin to rise when high pressure is coming in. This means the numbers on the barometer will go up!

You can link up to some barometer readings on the right and learn how to make one (not a professional one or anything). Good luck watching the barometer rise and fall!

Answered by KSL Meteorologist Dina Freedman.

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