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Email Verification and Account Activation

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In order to help us better moderate we now require that email addresses on new accounts be verified. Until your email address is verified you will be unable to post comments or classified ads on

How does this work?

When you register for a user account an email message will be sent to the email address listed on your account. This message will contain a link that you must follow or click on in order to verify your email address and activate your account. Once you click on or follow this link you will be taken to a page on confirming that your account has been activated. You will then be able to login, submit comments and post classified ads.

What if I didn't receive the email?

First of all, PLEASE THOROUGHLY CHECK YOUR JUNK-MAIL, SPAM FOLDER OR OTHER FILTERS. We at have very little control over how your email service sorts our messages. After checking these, if you are certain that you have not received this message, please follow these instructions.

1. Attempt to log in to This should result in another activation email being sent out. You may use this email to activate your account.

2.If you still do not receive this message. Please send an email with the subject line of "ACTIVATION" to You must use the email address you listed when signing up for If the message is sent from another email address, WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT.

3. Within 24 hours or one business day you will receive an email message from containing a link you may use to activate your account. Depending on your email service you may need to mark the email as safe before you can use the link.

4. If the link does not work to activate your account, and you are still unable to log in to; please forward the email you received to Then within 24 hours or one business day you should receive an email message from letting you know that your account has been activated.

Note: If the first message is sent during normal business hours this process should generally be completed the same day.

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