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Locals in the NFL: Breakout game for Jamaal Williams
November 27, 2017

SALT LAKE CITY — In Week 12, Jamaal Williams had a breakout game, scoring twice and leading in total offense, Kaelin Clay solidified a win for the Panthers with a punt return for a touchdown, and Bobby Wagner had eight tackles, two for loss, and an interception for Seattle.

Jamaal Williams (BYU):

Williams has been thrust into a starting role for the Green Bay Packers due to injuries to starting running back Ty Montgomery and backup Aaron Jones. Williams carried the ball in all but three of the team's 24 rushing plays against Pittsburgh on Sunday.

Williams ran for 66 yards and had four catches for 69 yards. Williams' big contribution came with his two key touchdowns.

His first touchdown came with one minute left in the first quarter, facing a third-and-8 on its 45-yard line. Williams took a short screen pass at the line of scrimmage with three Packers linemen ahead of him. He cut back and found a massive hole from the great blocking of his linemen and scampered 54 yards to the end zone, almost untouched.

His second score came with the Packers down by seven with two minutes left in the game. Williams took a handoff at the 5-yard line and patiently waited until he found a hole to crash into. He leapt from the 2-yard line and met two Steelers defenders in the end zone for his second touchdown of the day.

Kaelin Clay (Utah):

The Buffalo Bills traded Clay one month ago to the Carolina Panthers. The Bills weren't getting effective catches or big plays from Clay, which led to the trade. Clay hasn’t recieved more than three targets in any game this year, with only two catches all season.

He validated the trade with one play Sunday against the Jets. Carolina brought Clay to the team as a punt returner, and hadn't seen an explosive play since the acquisition. Clay had 70 total return yards for the Panthers before this week's game.

Clay caught the ball at the Panthers' 40-yard line, where he was quickly met by a Jet defender. Clay made an aggressive spin move past the diving defender, making him miss the tackle. Clay then made two more defenders miss and outran the punter before running into the end zone for his first touchdown since his rookie season.

Clay’s 60-yard touchdown sealed the game for the Panthers and brought the Panthers to 8-3 on the season.

Bobby Wagner (Utah State):

Wagner again showed he is one of the best linebackers in the NFL with the Seahawks' win against the 49ers. Wagner had seven solo and one assisted tackles, and two tackles for loss on Sunday. He also had the play of the game with an interception early in the second quarter.

The San Fransisco 49ers were deep in their own territory, looking for short pass for a first down. Tight end Trent Taylor caught a pass on the 15-yard line, which would have been a first down.

Wagner wrapped up the receiver in what looked like a standard tackle. However, he ripped the ball away from the receiver while he was spinning him to the ground. The interception gave his offense an extremely short field to work with and led to a Russell Wilson rushing touchdown for the first score of the game.

Wagner now has two interceptions on the year. With one more, he will tie his career high of three. He achieved his career high in interceptions his rookie year.

Wagner recorded his 100th tackle for the season, too, which is the third best in the league. He leads the league in solo tackles with 76.




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