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The Foundation for Education for Generations

   |  Posted Dec 25th, 2017 @ 8:27am



The Foundation for Education for Generations is a non-profit organization that helps the refugee community of Utah with education, health, and basic resources to create self-reliant and successful lives in their new communities. Their mission is to support and provide education for underprivileged families domestically and internationally to enhance their lives and opportunities. One of their main focuses is health promotion. They work with refugee families to encourage them to seek preventive healthcare and provide medical funds to help them with the cost of dental care, eye exams and the purchase of eyeglasses. When adult refugees are learning English and having difficulty it is usually due to vision problems. The Foundation for Education for Generations currently helps about twenty refugees a year with healthcare costs. Over one thousand refugees are resettled to Utah each year and the foundation believes that health and education are the keys to helping refugees adjust to their new environment. SelectHealth recognizes the compassionate service provided by The Foundation for Education for Generations as another example of how Utah Gives Back.

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