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Pure bred blue heeler for STUD ONLY


Logan, UT | 22 Mins
I have a pure bred blue heeler for stud. He has all the best qualities from heelers. He comes from the Bentley line of heelers(known for the white blaze on his head) which were well built strong dogs. He is extremely friendly with people. Has worked cows and horses successfully and has had many successful breedings. If the breeding does not take the first time the second his free. Please text with any questions. 801-698-2943 more
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AKC Registered Silver Lab Stud


Springville, UT | 1 Hour
Almost 2 years old. AKC Registered. Has successfully had 2 litters. Great temperament and great retriever. Big blocky head. Weighs about 110lbs. Stud fee negotiable or pick of litter at my discretion. Call or text me with any questions 801-717-0365 more
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Solid Blue, AKC Great Dane for Stud!


Centerville, UT | 1 Hour
Meet Samson! The lovable, well tempered, AMAZING solid blue great dane. Samson is full European and has great lines. He is AKC registered, OFA health tested, and a proven stud. Samson isn't originally from Utah so his lines don't cross with any danes we have come in contact with at this point. He is an great dog and is so good with kids and other dogs. He loves his people! Willing to travel!If you would like to breed your female dog to him, contact me at (801) 548-6077 by call or text ORemail me at bmcdyson@gmail.com more
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Red Standard Poodle


Provo, UT | 2 Hours
For limited time Mountain Standard Scout is available as a stud dog to select females.He is Health tested, OFA certified, and AKC registered.He is excellent around little kids and other dogs. He is exceptionally friendly. He loves to cuddle and play. His puppies are ideal companions for people of any age! Scout truly has the greatest temperament -he has an amazing way of drawing people in and making them feel loved and accepted. He passes these great qualities on to his pups and has sired several service dogs.His stud fee is $500 or pick of litter for approved females. more
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Akc chocolate brindle, health certified STUD


HOOPER Near Ogden And Roy, UT | 2 Hours
STUD ONLY! Titan is proven purebred akc registered standard poodle. Is its chocolate & brindle, he also carries the parti gene. He has large liters of 10+ & throughs chocolate, red, parti & brindle, he is 75lbs and is so sweet & gentle. We are offering him up for stud service.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Stud fee is 1st pick of the liter. To select females>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Titan is health certified, pennhip, ofa & akc dna certified >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Stud contract will Guarantee pregnancy or free return breeding. Good for upto 2 ties. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Breeding is done here at our home. Possible boarding of your female in our kennels. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Contact Rachel 801-317-6464 more
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AKC German Shepherd For Stud


West Jordan, UT | 2 Hours
Here's my boy Neymar, he is 3 years old. AKC registered. He has beautiful marking and a beautiful red and black coat. He has been around kids his whole life and is really good with kids and people. Super friendly, he just has a great temperament. He comes from champion blood lines. Both mom and dad are super nice. Mom is imported from Germany. Proven stud. Shoot me a text or give me a call for more questions. Key words: German shephard stud service more
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AKC German Shorthair Pointer


TAYLOR, UT | 2 Hours
Meet Chaz! When he hunts, he hunts hard with a solid point and great retrieves, even in water. Chaz is a medium ranging dog that runs hard and covers some ground. He is well-behaved and gets along with everyone and everything it seems. Chaz loves people and getting attention almost as much he enjoys finding birds! He is a well-bred and muscular dog that is fun to watch run and hunt behind. He stands 24" tall and is approximately 55-60 lbs. when he is lean and ran hard and about 65-70 lbs. in the off season. He has a personality where he is able to be a great hunting dog and/or just be the family pet. His breed fee is $500.00 to approved females. more
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Toy Poodle Stud (Phantom Color)


Kaysville, UT | 3 Hours
Rocky is a toy poodle. He is CKC registered and weighs 10 lbs and 10 inches at his shoulder. He has a rare phantom color and has had many litters of puppies.He has a high sperm count, has been used for artificial insemination for larger dogs such as Bernese Mountain dogs (had 9 puppies)He is very smart and intelligent and has a great temperamentContact me at 801-888-0132 more
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Proven Blue Weimaraner Stud


Salt Lake City, UT | 3 Hours
Perfect 6 year old blue Weimaraner. Perfect size, weight and health. Already fathered several litters of beautiful Weims. Up to date on all shots and never had any health issues. With AKC papers. Call or text Ivan @ 801-808-1823 more
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Roy, UT | 12 Hours
Hello everyone.. I have a Proven, AKC registered tiny toy poodle.. His name is Rusty Rooster and He is THE STUD!!! Rusty is Red and he is a size reducer.. Rusty is 7 pounds and he is about 11 inches tall.. He has the most amazing eyes and personality.. He loves everything from grass hoppers to horses.. He is So smart and So wise.. He just knows things.. He is as human as a dog can be.He is a real GO GET HER KIND OF GUY!!!Sometimes the females are a little nervous, So we will come to you.. Your place or mine?? Whatever makes your female more comfortable.. I do hands on breeding, which means, I stay with them the whole time.. It makes for a safer and more relaxed breed.. I don't want either one of them to get injured in anyway.. Rusty has bred with larger dogs than himself, such as cooker spaniels, and small golden doodles, but I am willing for him to do A.I. through a trusted veterinarian.. I only except cash at the time of breed.. .I am willing to take pick of litter, only if your female is a purebred Toy Poodle. Perferably red or white.. I guarantee that your female will take, and have puppies or I will breed her again on her next heat cycle.. For more info please call or text me anytime... Thanks Sharla (Rusty's mom).. more
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ISO AKC regist.female Poodle to breed with my Male


Roy, UT | 12 Hours
I have a beautiful, AKC registered, tiny Toy Poodle STUD.. I am in search of a female, AKC registered, toy Poodle.. perferably red, or white.. that you want bred for pick of the litter... SO IF YOU HAVE A TOY FEMALE PUREBRED POODLE, THAT YOU WANT BRED.. LET MY LITTLE RUSTY BREED HER FOR PICK OF THE LITTER!!! Then you could have other puppies that are as cute as him!!! FOR MORE INFO ABOUT MY RUSTY ROOSTER PLEASE GIVE ME A CALL, TEXT, OR LOOK AT HIS AD!!! THANKS IN ADVANCE!! :) no emails please!!! I don't check them.. more
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Golden retriever Stud


Salt Lake City, UT | 13 Hours
For stud only NOT FOR SALE. Bently is a 1 year old proven stud. With excellent blood lines. He is sweet, strong, healthy, gentle and loyal. He is a exquisite representation of breed standard. Stunning light golden soft coat.Call or text Jessica8016169989 more
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Chocolate brindle AKC standard poodle/doodle stud


HOOPER Near Ogden And Roy, UT | 15 Hours
STUD ONLY! Titan is proven purebred akc registered standard poodle. Is its chocolate & brindle, he also carries the parti gene. He has large liters of 10+ & throughs chocolate, red, parti & brindle, he is 75lbs and is so sweet & gentle. We are offering him up for stud service.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Stud fee is 1st pick of the liter. To select femalesTitan is health certified, pennhip, ofa & akc dna certified >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Stud contract will Guarantee pregnancy or free return breeding. Good for upto 2 ties. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Breeding is done here at our home. Possible boarding of your female in our kennels. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Contact Rachel 801-317-6464 more
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Shih Tzu AKC Stud: Rafiki, son of Houdini!!


Eagle Mountain, UT | 16 Hours
Meet Rafiki! He is the son of Houdini, the Wonder Stud! He is quite the Romeo! If you are looking for a standard size stud, give him a try! You'll love him! He's as sweet as Houdini and weighs 10 lbs. He throws puppies with lots of color. He is AKC. Come and meet both Houdini and Rafiki if you'd like! We know you'll love them both! more
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Shih Tzu AKC Stud: Houdini the Wonder Dog


Eagle Mountain, UT | 16 Hours
Meet Houdini! He is our 8 lb Shih Tzu Stud. He doesn't bark, bite or growl. When someone comes to the door... he thinks they are coming so see him! He's an amazing stud. His signature puppy is a solid black mini, just like him! He is AKC and DNA certified. If you want the best stud in black, he's your guy! Come and meet him! more
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French Bulldog Stud Service -AKC Frenchi


Provo, UT | 16 Hours
Sir Chauncey Wentworth is from amazing Russian lines and AKC registered. He is friendly with dogs and people. Many are blown away by his muscles and well mannered behavior. He does the trick with double the average sperm count! Check out his instagram @sirchaunceythefrenchieAI only. more
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AKC Brindle Phantom Poodle STUD ONLY


Salt Lake City, Tremonton, Ogden, UT | 17 Hours
Tango is a Beautiful Brindle Phantom standard Poodle. He is PROVEN and knows what he is doing. He is very intelligent and has a wonderful temperament! He does excellent around kids and other dogs!His last litter was 11 puppies! He throws Sable, Bridle, Parti, Phantom and Tri color Puppies! His puppies are hypoallergenic and non-shedding with wonderful calm personalities!His stud fee is $600 (for 2 ties) or pick of litter on approved females. I'm willing to board your female up to 3 days if needed.TEXT works best for me.CASH ONLY!! more
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Beautiful Male Golden Retriever


Salt Lake City, UT | 18 Hours
Duke is AKC Registered and is the most beautiful, loving dog you ever want to meet. He is 2 years old and weighs 70 pounds. He is friendly, great with kids and has the most gorgeous coat. He is also strong, loves hiking and water jumping. We have not bred him yet, so this would be his first sire. more
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salt lake city, UT | 22 Hours
I have my UKC Champion American pit bullAvailable for stud, owned and produced by me @donkennels IG Donpitkennels This stud is proven STUD/PRODUCER to pass on guaranteed muscle & good temperament, he can produce all solid colors (Red,blue,champagne,chocolate,black, seal)He is advanced obedience trained, & protection trained, as well as conformation show champion.CONTACT FOR QUESTIONS I own the best APBT STUDS in the state more
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Providence, UT | 22 Hours
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AKC Bullmastiff Stud


montello, NV | 23 Hours
Brindle Male Bullmastiff looking for AKC registered Female. My lineage has lots of Champs. The Mighty Refridgerator of Montello would love to be a daddy. For a one-night stand , 2 day rendezvous-$2,000 or pick of the litter. Please have your people call my people. Let's do lunch? more
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Amazing Coat And Colors AKC Standard Poodle Stud


Farmington, UT | 23 Hours
Experienced and proven stud! Jackson is an extremely RARE Caramel Sable Phantom Standard Poodle with an amazing coat with the tight curl giving you the best for poodles and doodles. He is a parti-carrier and has a colorful pedigree includingg blues, partis, phantoms, and sables. He is AKC registered. Jackson is very fast and gets right to the point if your girl is ready. He will sire a large litter for you, his last litter was 10 puppies with one tie! His puppies are hypoallergenic and non-shedding, and they have wonderful calm personalities like him. If you want to breed Bernedoodles, or any doodle Jackson also carries the tri-color gene to throw perfectly marked puppies. If interested in using Jackson as a stud for your girl, send me a text or give me a call! (FREE stud service with pick of litter) This boy produces the most beautiful doodles I've ever seen! You will not be disappointed in his puppies... more
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Female chiwawa in heat.


salt lake, UT | 23 Hours
I have a female in heat she is about 8 months old. I am looking for a little dog her size and fluffy to breed her with. I don't have the money to pay for a stud fee but would do pick of the litter.Please text only! more
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Beautiful AKC Golden Retriever for STUD ONLY


Ephraim, UT | 23 Hours
Our sweet MacGyver loves Pina colada's, and gettin' caught in the rain... ;)Actually the second part is true... Mr. Mac as we affectionately call him LOVES water and will try to fit himself into the smallest of containers just to get a little wet! He loves to play fetch with anything that can be thrown. He is sweet, calm and very obedient. He loves being around people and is such a great tempered dog. He is a darker red Purebred Golden Retriever. He has a beautiful blocky head and great lines. He is a proven stud, and throws many different colors when bred with lighter goldens and deep red colors with darker reds. His litter sizes have ranged from 9 to 14. He has no health concerns and is seen regularly by our vet. If you have any questions please feel free to call/text. more
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