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How to Prevent and Treat the Flu Naturally

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There might be a Shortage of the Flu Vaccine, but is the Shot Even Enough?

Cornerstone Healing Offers Tips on How to Prevent & Treat the Flu Naturally.

New York, NYNationwide, the flu season picks up noticeably in December and then peaks in January. But this holiday and flu season, those waiting in line and others scurrying the city for the vaccine found out, New York State has officially declared a vaccine shortage. What this means for all New Yorkers is that the shot will be given to high risk groups first, such as the elderly, young children and those with a weakened immune system as a result of cancer, AIDS and other diseases. And everyone else has to hope that a deadly strain of the virus will not hit the city this year worse than ever.

Or will they? From the perspective of Chinese medicine, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Cold in Chinese philosophy means stagnation and as winter comes and our movement of body fluids slows down, bacteria grows in our immune system lending itself to getting sick. According to Anne Mok and Peggy Regis, licensed acupuncturists, Chinese herb specialists and owners of Cornerstone Healing in Brooklyn, New York, In Chinese medicine, our lungs also refers to our nose, nasal passages, skin and the protective energy that surrounds our body. Once our lung system is weak our protective energy will also be weak, thereby making us more receptive to colds and flu. Therefore, through acupuncture and Chinese herbs, the immune system is strengthened while stimulating the bodys natural healing process. Although, western medicine may blame the sickness on external factors, eastern medicine tends to place emphasis on the lack of healthy energy within the body and mind. So regardless of whether you get the flu shot or not, Anne and Peggy suggest natural prevention through the following tips:

· DRINK PLENTY OF FLUIDS. With indoor heat and the hectic holiday shopping, dehydration lowers our immunity. Water, tea and other warming, non-sweet fluids help keep the immune system healthy.

· GET PLENTY OF REST. Napping and going to bed earlier than usual, gives our immune system rest that it needs to stay healthy. Also it is a good idea to avoid sugar, rich foods, coffee, alcohol and soda and instead eat homemade soups with dark greens for nutrients.

· TAKE SUPPLEMENTS. Eating a multivitamin and mineral supplement will help support your wellness. For example, Vitamin C and Zinc are mildly anti-viral and garlic and onion contain anti-viral qualities. Herbs such s Oregon grape root, olive leaf, goldeneal, and Western red cedar kill viruses, while yarrow, elderberry and Echinacea boost the immune system.

· WASH YOUR HANDS AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE. Most people are not aware of how often we touch our face, but the number-one method of flu transmission is hand-to-mouth. Think of all the doorknobs and subway rails we touch everyday and how many people touched it before us.

· TRY ACUPUNCTURE. It helps to maintain balance and leaves one feeling refreshed and renewed. After a consultation, the acupuncturists will determine where the problem lies and will insert the fine needles along the appropriate meridian. Those who go to Cornerstone Healing and mention this segment will receive the first treatment $30 off (initial visit with consultation costs $90).

Contact: Anne Mok or Peggy Regis

Cornerstone Healing

476 Court Street

Brooklyn, NY 11231


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