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7 heartwarming YouTube videos to cheer you up

7 heartwarming YouTube videos to cheer you up


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There's rarely a bad time to watch a short video that will make you smile or tug at your heartstrings.

Having a bad day? Get a much-needed pick-me-up.

A good day? It's about to get even better.

A mix of inspirational, humorous, and plain ol' adorable content, the seven videos in this article were curated with no particular criteria in mind — except that they each possess the power of making your day better. So grab a cozy Minky Couture blanket, gather the family around, and watch these seven heartwarming videos.

Precious munchkin can see clearly

A shocking 65% of Americans don't have perfect vision, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology. If you fall into that category, you know the satisfaction of getting an up-to-date eye prescription and the whole world suddenly looking sharper.

Now, imagine that happening to you for the first time ever.

Before the life-changing moment, this impossibly cute baby girl is already smiling. She's just happy to be there.

Then, someone puts the glasses on her. (She doesn't fuss.) Her reaction is one of pure joy and wonder, something that children express so much better than adults. Her jaw drops almost to the floor and her eyes light up instantly — she literally can't believe what she's seeing.

Also, is there anything cuter than a baby with glasses? (Rhetorical question.)

Kitten finds a human to travel the world with

Dean was on an epic cycling adventure around the world. Then, one day, he heard a meow. "My first thought was, 'I wasn't going to take her,'" he recalls. Oh, Dean. Don't you know that's how cat ownership begins 90% of the time?

The pair then proceeded to travel the world for two years, and Dean wouldn't have had it any other way: "I was really just trying to get across the world but now I'm not really bothered by how long it takes. [I] just watch her enjoy it."

What a beautiful sentiment. (Oh, and if that's not enough cuteness, there's a surprise at the end of the video to fully melt your heart.)

Music is a universal language

The original version of "Stand by Me," one of the most beautiful and touching love songs of all-time, could probably make its way onto this list.

But as great as Ben E. King's rendition is, there is something about the Playing for Change cover that is just special. The melange of cultures, musical styles, and backdrops just bring forth a sense of connection and togetherness.

Add in the powerful vocals provided by Roger Ridley and you won't be able to keep the tears out of your eyes while watching the performance.

Mother and son reunited after a decade

For ten long years, Jeffrey and his mom hadn't seen each other. Distance, money, and obtaining a visa were all challenges that made it difficult for Jeffrey's mom to visit him in the US from Gabon.

But, when Jeffrey became a dad to Christian, she simply had to come over. Orchestrated by Jeffrey's brother and wife, the surprise reunion is even more emotional than you might expect. As he comes home from work, Jeffrey first sees his brother — whom he hadn't seen in four years — in his apartment. He's already in disbelief.

But then, mom comes out, and Jeffrey absolutely loses it. He drops down to the floor — not an easy task for a man who stands 6'7 — and starts bawling. You will too.

Heartfelt tribute to a teacher

It's a miracle if you can get a class of students to sit still long enough to learn a song—it's even more difficult to get them to memorize the lyrics and sing it well.

This class of students had no problems—and no lack of spirit—in singing their rendition of "I'm Gonna Love You Through It" by Martina McBride. Not every lyric is a spot-on match for the song, but that's because it's tailored to fit the situation their teacher is in. It's revealed she is fighting cancer, and their music teacher helped them learn and perform this special song just for her.

Get your Kleenex box and prepare to shed a few (happy) tears.

Son pays off parents' mortgage

Joseph Riquelme, founder of the video editing app Videoshop, had gained enough success professionally to give his parents something big for Christmas. But they never expected something this big.

Before even the big reveal, the vibes are already immaculate. Dad and dog cuddled up to his son, mom right next to them content as can be — just a cozy family moment.

When Joseph pulls out an envelope, mom and dad aren't even sure of who it's for. He clarifies that it's for both of them. Mom opens it, and instant waterworks ensue. She passes on the letter to dad, who can only manage to say, "Oh, son" (in Spanish) in the proudest voice before breaking down into tears himself.

Dog doesn't recognize owner—at first

After spending five weeks in the hospital, this dog owner looked completely different — so different that his dog couldn't recognize him at first.

Seeing him from a distance, the dog initially lets out a series of barks, seemingly asking itself: "Who is this guy?"

Then, cautiously, the dog approaches him. At that point the internal monologue is more like: "This guy looks familiar, but I just can't put my paw on it." Then comes the sniff test. "It's daddy!!!"

Doggo then goes crazy and demands all the love from dad, who is more than happy to oblige.

Make the warm feelings last

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