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Which Halloween candy has the most sugar? Your top 10 ranked

Which Halloween candy has the most sugar? Your top 10 ranked

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Halloween is a rare holiday filled with massive amounts of sugar. In 2017, Coupon Follow found that the average trick-or-treater consumes about three cups of sugar and 7,000 calories. With numbers like that, raiding your child's pile of candy almost seems like the responsible thing to do.

If you're one of the many parents who exacts a "candy tax" from their children, you might want to know which packaged morsels pack in the most sugar. CandyStore.com analyzed 15 years of data to determine America's favorite Halloween candy, so here are the top 10 — ranked from the lowest to the highest amount of sugar per serving.

Tootsie Pops: 10 grams of sugar per pop

This might be a little surprising for some Utahns, but CandyStore.com found that Tootsie Pops were the Beehive State's favorite Halloween treat. And the good news is that the beloved candy came in with the lowest sugar content at just 10 grams per pop, according to Nutrition Value. How many licks it takes to get to the center, though, is still up for debate.

Snickers Minis: 18 grams of sugar for four pieces

Winner of the "Today" show's 2020 Bracketween Challenge, Snickers is one of the most beloved treats in America. CalorieKing states that a serving size of four Snickers Minis contains 18 grams of sugar. But if you chow down on a full-size bar, you're looking at 29 grams of sugar, so mind your portions!

Which Halloween candy has the most sugar? Your top 10 ranked
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Hershey's Kisses: 18 grams of sugar for seven pieces

Utahns might be more likely to consume Hershey's bars than Hershey's Kisses this Halloween, but since they're made from the same recipe, the distinction doesn't matter much. SmartLabel shows that seven Kisses contain 18 grams of sugar. (In case you were wondering, the white chocolate-striped Hugs were only slightly better at 17 grams per seven pieces.)

Hot Tamales: 18 grams of sugar for 16 pieces

As you can see, there's a three-way tie with Snickers Minis, Hershey's Kisses and Hot Tamales each containing 18 grams of sugar per serving. Hot Tamales might deserve to be a little lower on the list, however, since the other two at least contain a little protein and calcium.

Milk Chocolate M&Ms: 18.4 grams of sugar for 28 pieces

The candy that melts in your mouth and not in your hands contains 18.4 grams of sugar for 28 pieces, according to CalorieKing. But if you opt for the peanut variety, the added protein might make you feel slightly more full — so you'll eat less.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups: 22 grams of sugar for two cups

America's favorite candy sits comfortably in the middle of the sugar content list with 22 grams of sugar per two-cup package. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups also have the advantage of containing more protein than other candies, so you can tell yourself it's healthier.

Candy Corn: 22 grams of sugar in 15 pieces

Ah, Candy Corn. That divisive Halloween treat that boasts of being fat-free to distract you from the fact that it's loaded with sugar. A serving of 15 pieces of the Brach's brand contains 22 grams of sugar. Using it for decorative purposes might be the better choice.

Which Halloween candy has the most sugar? Your top 10 ranked
Photo: Felix Mizioznikov/Shutterstock.com

Starburst: 22 grams of sugar for 8 pieces

Spangler Candy lists Starburst at 22 grams of sugar per eight pieces. Considering most of the fun-size pieces come in packs of two, your sugar consumption could be much lower than that as long as you don't get carried away.

Sour Patch Kids: 24 grams of sugar for 12 pieces

Sure, a fun-size portion of Sour Patch Kids may claim to have just 9.5 g of sugar per pack. But if you're cracking open a larger bag, just 12 pieces jumps to 24 grams of sugar. The extra sweetness can really sour your diet if you're not careful.

Skittles: 30.6 grams of sugar in one-fourth of a cup

Taste the rainbow — and taste the sugar! Topping out the list of sugary Halloween candies is Skittles, which CalorieKing lists at 30.6 grams of sugar per serving, which is one-fourth of a cup. In a 2019 survey published on PR Newswire, the company discovered that nearly half (49%) of Skittles fans prefer to eat them by the handful, which means that sugar intake adds up quickly.

Did your favorite candy make the list?

Just because your favorite candy might not be listed here, that doesn't mean it's not packed with sugar as well. Most candies are! The candy with the highest sugar content is whichever one you're most likely to overconsume. The best way to avoid overindulging is to practice moderation and savor each bite — preferably while you're curled up on the couch with a soft blanket from Minky Couture.

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