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Utah company advises you to check your food storage

Utah company advises you to check your food storage

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No one buys food storage with the intent of letting it go to waste. Painstakingly building up emergency food essentials takes too much time, effort and money.

Pete Arendt with Utah-based Wheatland Seed says, "We regularly get calls from folks who have bought pre-packed food storage where either the mylar package fails or a gamma sealed lid has dried out and cracked allowing air and moisture inside. This begins the spoilage process—or worse—allows weevils to hatch in their food storage."

In an article for The Spruce, Lisa Jo Lupo explains how one pesky food storage problem can begin before you bring packaged food into your house.

"Weevils generally gain entry into your home through purchased containers of whole-grain cereal products that have been infested at food processing and packaging centers," she writes. "Once in your home, weevils can spread to whatever cereal grains are available to them."

Wheat, which is a long-term food storage staple, can also become rancid if it's stored improperly. Look out for bucketed bulk foods sold online and in big-box stores that don't come with proper packaging. If the only seal is on the bucket lid, your food may go bad before the advertised expiration date. Properly sealed containers, with the food product placed in sealed mylar, and containing an oxygen pac (to remove oxygen and moisture) are the keys to a long shelf-life.

Wheatland Seed follows these and other safety practices when it comes to storing your long-term food supply. Plus, they've got all your staples covered — from wheat to beans to sugar and more.

40 years of experience

Wheatland Seed is a small, employee-owned company — and that's intentional. With 44 years of experience growing seed in the mountain valleys of Idaho and Utah, Wheatland partners with family farmers to ensure that their seed meets the highest quality standards.

Their commitment to provide the very best for their customers includes testing for 210 agricultural chemicals — and if there's any trace of them, they won't buy. What that means for you, is your wheat from Wheatland Seed won't be contaminated with pesticides and chemicals.

Wheatland is based in Brigham City and has a 40-year history in the preparedness space. Their wheats and bean products consistently earn 5-star ratings on Amazon.

Arendt says, "After 40 years, you learn a thing or two about what works and what doesn't work in food storage."

Packaged to stay fresh for decades

You can count on Wheatland's products to last as long as advertised. Their heavy-duty, four-gallon buckets hold 20 to 30 pounds of food that is packaged to last for 25 years. Each commercial-grade bucket is lined with a 4.3-milliliter mylar bag. Inside the mylar is an oxygen pack that pulls the oxygen and moisture out of the environment and keeps your food fresh until you need it.

No more wasted food

Want to eat some food now and save the rest for later? No problem. The heat-sealed mylar packaging makes it possible to quickly reseal your bag and send it back into your long-term storage once you've used what you need.

Compare the difference in quality

Wheatland Seed has been helping area families prepare and avoid common food storage pitfalls by providing locally grown and sourced products that are pure, chemical-free, and packed to last for 25 years. For more information go to for full details on their fall stock-up sale.

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