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8 podcasters from Utah that are making (air)waves

8 podcasters from Utah that are making (air)waves


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These days, it seems like almost everyone has started their own podcast. Athletes, celebrities, government leaders, doctors, entrepreneurs, and everyday people with anything to say are sharing their thoughts with the world — for better or for worse.

So, what makes podcasts so popular?

"As a form of personality-driven media, podcasts are able to engage with listeners in a more authentic way, and hosts are seen as influencers in their own right," writes Kurt Kaufer of Forbes magazine. He continues, "At the same time, we predict more entertainers, athletes, politicians and celebrities will launch a new podcast in 2021 than ever before."

And many Utahns are getting in on the action, too. Here's just a handful of Utah podcasters making (air)waves with their shows.

'Cold' by Dave Cawley

The true crime genre is having a big moment, and "Cold" is one that will send true shivers down your spine. Hosted by KSL's investigative reporter and journalist Dave Cawley, each season of "Cold" focuses on a different missing person case.

In Season 1, Cawley unravels the unsolved disappearance of Susan Powell in 2009. Season 2 covers the murder-for-hire plot to silence Joyce Yost in 1985. Aside from telling these stories in a compelling way, reviewers appreciate the level of research and respect Cawley devotes to each one. You can listen to all episodes of "Cold" on Amazon Music.

'The Bad Broadcast' by Madi Murphy

With over 50,000 monthly downloads and 3,500 five-star reviews, "The Bad Broadcast" by Madi Murphy is one of the fastest-growing podcasts in the state. Every week, Madi explores a new topic to discuss, complain, and laugh about — and listeners are loving it.

If you have strong opinions about bad dates, workplace woes, celebrity couples, toe rings, and other such things, this is the podcast for you! You can find "The Bad Broadcast" on your favorite podcast platform.

'Mint Arrow Messages' by Corrine Stokoe

Utah native Corrine Stokoe is a fashion blogger and influencer who runs Mint Arrow, a high-end fashion blog. But when she's not hunting down deals on your favorite beauty and home products, Corrine records a weekly podcast called "Mint Arrow Messages."

Each episode features interviews with thought leaders and experts in different fields who share stories about overcoming adversity or tips for self-improvement. Corrine and her husband Neil also frequently hop on to share their take on principles and values they believe lead to a happier, better life.

Listen to "Mint Arrow Messages" on your favorite podcast platform.

'The Modestshoppin Movement' by Brigitte and Jason Shamy

Modest clothing designer Brigitte Shamy and her husband Jason don't just sell clothes — they've built an entire online community dedicated to improving women's (and men's) lives. "The Modestshoppin Movement" pulls back the curtain on their business, family life, and the lessons they've learned along the way as founders of SexyModest.com.

They share their highs, their lows, and everything in between that they think will add value to your life. You can catch "The Modestshoppin Movement" on your favorite podcast platform.

'The Everyday Driver Car Debate' by Paul Schmucker and Todd Deeken

Most people could benefit from having a personal shopper when they're in the market for a new car. This is the next best thing. Utah residents Paul Schmucker and Todd Deeken are the hosts of "Everyday Driver," a popular TV show and YouTube channel dedicated to helping consumers find cars they love to drive.

Their podcast, "The Everyday Driver Car Debate," tackles real viewers' questions and concerns about finding the right car for their needs. Paul and Todd take into account things like budget, family size, and personal preferences to steer people toward the perfect car. They don't always agree on which car is the best fit (hence, the debate), but they do agree on one thing: Driving should be fun. Listen to "The Everyday Driver Car Debate" wherever you get your podcasts.

'Follow Him' by Hank Smith and John Bytheway

In the realm of religious podcasts, you'll find many offering supplemental study guides for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' Sunday school curriculum. Among these are Hank Smith and John Bytheway, religious speakers and educators who host the weekly show "Follow Him: A Come, Follow Me Podcast."

Hank and John interview experts who offer deep insights into Church history and scriptures "to make your study fresh, faithful, and fun." Because these interviews cover a lot of material, they're broken up into two parts so you can look forward with eager anticipation to the next one. (And if you want to cut to the chase, you can just listen to the "followHim Favorites" episodes that give the interview highlights.) Listen to "Follow Him" on any podcast platform or on YouTube.

'The Virtual Couch' by Tony Overbay

Listening to "The Virtual Couch" podcast may be one of the best things you could do for your mental and emotional health. Utah native Tony Overbay puts his talents as a marriage and family therapist, humor columnist, and motivational speaker to good use as he helps people navigate their way through everyday challenges.

Tony discusses everything from marriage to addiction to parenting, and he gives some valuable tools and strategies to help listeners make necessary changes in their lives. Listen to "The Virtual Couch" on your preferred podcast platform.

'The Nitty Gritty Show' by Andrew Van Buren and Cameron Treu

Andrew Van Buren and Cameron Treu are on a mission to find better, more impactful ways to live and do business and to spread their way of thinking. That's the idea behind "The Nitty Gritty Show," their podcast that highlights unconventional success stories from real-life people.

Hear how countless people chased their dreams in unique ways. Whether it's a plastic surgeon who built a booming practice on TikTok, or a Bellagio hairdresser who owns her own premium hair extension company, you can't help but feel inspired. Download "The Nitty Gritty Show" wherever you get your podcasts.

Podcasts thrive on ratings and reviews, so if your favorite local podcast didn't make this list, help them out! Rate and review it, share it on social media, and be sure to spread the word to your family and friends.

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