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The Mother's Day gift your mom or wife won't want to return


The Mother's Day gift your mom or wife won't want to return

By Scented Vents | Posted - May 2, 2021 at 3:00 p.m.

It's that time of year—again—when you struggle to come up with a good gift your mom (or wife or sister) would like for Mother's Day. Whatever you decide, don't get her another robe or a coupon booklet for a free foot rub.

Instead, you could give her the gift of never having to smell your stinky teenager's room again. Or never having to smell the burnt popcorn from last night again the next morning. Get her the gift of having a fresh-smelling home every day of the year—regardless of your family's hygiene or cooking pitfalls.

The Utah company, Scented Vents, has a Mother's Day gift your wife will never want to return or regift. By connecting a small box to your HVAC unit, you can choose the scent you want to be distributed throughout every room in your house.

Recognizing a problem and finding a solution

When Kim and Kyle Thomas returned from vacation, they realized how much their house smelled like their little dog, Tali. It was a stark contrast to the fragrance of the fine hotels they had been staying in, so they got to work learning how they could recreate that same experience through their home ventilation system.

After partnering with Stephanie and Rhett Marshall, owner of Air Design Heating and Cooling, their vision became a reality. They created a user-friendly diffuser unit that could be mounted near the HVAC equipment in the home, distributing heavenly scents to each room within minutes.

Since then, roughly 1,000 homes and offices in Utah have been reaping the benefits—and yours could be next.

How it works

Scented Vents installs their whole-home diffuser unit near the HVAC equipment in your home. Seconds after installation your home will have fragrant natural and essential oils diffused through the ductwork of your home's supply air vents. And because of the dry mist diffusion technology, you don't have to worry about residue building up inside of the ducts or anywhere else.

After it's installed, you can easily control and maintain your desired fragrance by programming the LCD screen attached to the unit.

A bottle of oil lasts anywhere from one to six months depending on how often you run the unit and its level of intensity. They have many scent options to choose from, and you can even get a discounted subscription.

Why choose Scented Vents?

You've probably tried the traditional methods of making your home smell good—candles, plug-ins, melted wax, etc. These can often be costly, ineffective, unhealthy or even hazardous if you leave them unattended. Scented Vents offers a safer, healthier, and much more efficient option.

Unlike candles and other common scent products, Scented Vents fragrances aren't lost through evaporation and can be customized to fit the needs of your home. They're also pet-friendly and safe for children.

For business owners, these fragrances can give your customers a calming, fresh place to linger—and a study from the American Marketing Association shows that customers will stay longer in stores that smell good.

One 5-star reviewer said, "Being stuck in our house A LOT lately, our new Scented Vents purchase was just the pick me up we needed! Our house smells amazing and all of us love walking in the front door and smelling great smells instead of last night's dinner or our beloved dog! The installation was so quick and easy and the good smells started immediately! Best purchase we've made in a long time! Scented Vents is the BEST!"

Once it's installed, go ahead and microwave the salmon, burn the popcorn, and buy a few extra cats because the only thing your house will smell like is whatever fragrance you choose.

Fragrances for every season

Do you want a home that feels clean or luxurious? Festive or calming? With 25 fragrances available, you get to choose which scent fits best. (Tip: 5-star hotels are using Magnolia Zest, Lush Gardens, and Sunset Glow.)

If you're heading out for a beach vacation, try Tropical Breeze, Blue Waters or Beach Sage and Mint to get you in the mood and excited for your trip.

Limited time offer: $250 off and *free installation

If you're curious about Scented Vents, there's never been a better time to try it out. For a limited time, you can get the ScentedVents Whole Home (up to 6,000 sq ft) Diffuser for $250 off the regular price.

This deal includes free installation (*between Provo and Ogden) and one free fragrance—but the deal is only available in very limited quantities—so act fast. To learn more about this offer, click here.

For further information on available products, or to access video tutorials, visit

Scented Vents


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