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Increased nitrate makes tap water dangerous for infants in Moroni, officials warn

By Lauren Bennett, | Posted - Feb. 26, 2020 at 3:25 p.m.

MORONI — Infants 6 months old and younger should not drink tap water in Moroni due to high levels of nitrate B, city officials said on Wednesday.

That means tap water should not be used to make baby formula until further notice.

A mechanical failure caused the increased levels of nitrate, making the drinking water “a serious health concern for infants less than 6 months old,” officials said.

Bottled water should be used for infants instead — boiling the water will not reduce the nitrate levels. Residents should not boil the water as it will make the nitrate levels concentrated and even more dangerous.

Bottled water provided by the city can be picked up at Moroni City Hall, 80 S. 200 West.

The water is only a health concern for babies; anyone over the age of 6 months can drink tap water. However, residents with health issues should consult with a doctor about drinking water with increased nitrate levels.

City officials said they are “working around the clock to repair the broken source” and will let residents know immediately when levels are restored to normal.

Residents looking for more information on the water situation can contact Carol Haskins with Moroni City at 435-436-8359 or the Utah Division of Drinking Water at 801-560-8456.

Lauren Bennett

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